Thursday, March 28, 2013

womens issues

women’s week, the news channels were running programs with a very womanlike leaning. Knowing women better, fake tan in a hurry, dyed blonde, healthier women, women in chains, east European slave trading. He clicked though to Women as sexual slaves. He’d read and heard about it, the trade in young eastern girls throughout the world. The Japanese had sex slaves, the yanks invented Bangkok, Amsterdam, Spain, all across the middle east, porn was global remarked the narrator, harry listened with clear intent, his jack daniels undisturbed, wondering how the masses would let it all end, or would the peaks of perversion continue to rise. How do you clamp this global dose of the pox.
A fifteen year old girl begins to tell a story, it’s going to be horrific. After the gang rape part, harry had enough, switched channel. Do they go into graphic detail because we’re concerned about her fifteen year old life or body he muses, as the news plays. We like to be led into dark places, more sex the less we’ll feel about it.Harry switched back to the women’s issue channel. It was all about sex. Sex playing was a new thing, invented in California, by a group of women, who wanted to make sex more fun. Laugh when your coming explains a dour looking forty year old, express the fact that you were happy, that’s important too. Laughing during sex was very therapeutic too. Laughing changed my world, Hillary laughing while her partner explains. New forms of female masturbation announced the narrator. Women were taking charge of their own orgasms. Come back here orgasm!.
The issues that come to mind on women’s day. Nobody mentioned the children that had to be looked after, the mortgage that had to be paid, the old folks that needed our attention, or the fear of a war that could end it all. A lot of advertising spend had to be justified, and readership was the main indicator, eyes on pages as they say, not that eyes on pages meant anything, other than that someone looked at the program, page, or whatever it was they were trying to lure you away with, women’s issues of course.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Manic Street Children

give me a reason to like myself, give me the keys to my life, fill my head with all sorts of ideas, fill me with hope make me feel all right, blast blast blast, rocket speed to my head, waves of images and noise, twenty four seven every angle of attack, head so swollen with every single doubt, the manic street children are all about...and we are all amazed at the continued downward kerb of all that is right, is that so, um....must have landed on a foreign planet....wait...look at the old guys gathered outside that school, and those momma's preparing to go out, they look kinda another AD Break! declares St.Peter, hoping the boss won't wake up. Babylon all those years ago, they didn't listen either, but the clean up cost a fortune, made a few reputations though, just like those manic street children, those crazy kids we all used to know.

Friday, March 22, 2013

wisdom of a tree

starts small, is never in a hurry to grow up, sets down roots, accommodation year round as it gets stronger, never turns away a friend, provides shelter when it can, the wider it grows, the deeper it roots, can withstand a storm when fully grown, sways about in the wind, if grown in rich soil, lifetime of a confusious.
wisdom of the human race, in a hurry to grow up, roots variable, accommodation problems, often turns away the hungry and poor, grows more stupid by the day, panics during a storm, can be easily swayed, spends lifetimes in a confused state.. 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

I didn't know


As every day passes the stakes get higher, the noose tightens as the days get drier, Moses had his problems too and his divine words had to go through horror after horror and even as he tried to escape the demons soon came after. Ghandi, The great writers, martin luther king, the list is centuries long, it was not if one was sent along it’s just that material living overcame spiritual necessity, who do you blame, me Asks God, free will he replies, hoping we’d all learn to get along.
Children dress in the latest style to impress, tokens as you’d say, to help them feel okay, inside the need is hidden, then they find trouble as they say, alcohol drugs sex or TV, it’s the amount they take to overcome the feelings they have to forsake, just to feel okay. And it’s been like this for years, quickened by the revelation of the digital age, now they worship brands and you all think it’s okay. Those satellites that lie overhead, could fall like stones into the deepest crevice, the stars could stop shining, the women they could stop bleeding, wars could turn to the nuclear option, the oil could run out, the banks could shut up, the food might run out, the list is long, but you’d still fight and fight, this stubborn resistance to the divine gift, and what your life is really all about. So I asked for suggestions and what we could to do to avoid total destruction and the four suggestions that came to mind, were close to impossible that I dare not print or advise them, well, I’m waiting for one great event, and the total wipe out of a portion of the human race, don’t know where or when, but it’s more closer now than then, perhaps then, we’ll be in a position to act rightly, just like before, after the damage is done, after the damage is done. Just wished you’d listened sooner I guess, but what’s done cannot be undone, in hindsight we are all that wiser, with wisdom, it should never have to be so peculiar, but when you crucified the Savior all those years ago, and the pitiful excuses and the downright false teachers that denied the truth then, like it was planned and we had no choice, easy way out to explain the ugly truth, because prophesy is not a statement of fact, it’s a warning of events to come if we continue to act like we do, for ourselves and not for everyone…You can’t say that, we’ll ….martin luther king was assasinated, John F Kennedy was assasinated, Che Guevara was executed, Joan of Arc was burnt at the stake, Gandhi was…They may fool the oppressed and the slaves everywhere, but no one fools God most high, never then before now or in the future, it’s really that simple. Acts of violence are planned, wars triggered to release emotional bonds, horrors allowed to proceed  all tools of the evil one indeed, and they think this is going to slow the descent, it’s only squeezing the life out of the universe, and it’s something we need to reverse, as soon and as quick as we can, because we are being judged this moment, we have been for many years, it started about seven years ago, I reckon we've a small window, for how long I do not know, but when the lord decides to leave and say goodbye, the horrors that will replace him, is beyond human reasoning, and with this I say goodnight, so stand up wake up and listen, it’s never too late to make amends, but it’s too late when time goes by and you still think you can move hearts by changing positions in the chamber, without changing anything at all…to be continued….

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

God Laments...

I don’t need indoctrination any form of misinformation, call it distraction, I don’t need to pretend that one day someone will come along when everything will be made right, I’m not the child that needs resuscitation, who waited for false inspiration, the gobbled news carriers sweet suggestion, all they do is delay our moment of escape as we wait like we always wait, for that final determination from God, we were told to believe in the faith that took centuries to secure because of the hyperventilating of those masses of people so called political types  who sold out position like those wall street finance cheaters, how can they sleep while the world heads to oblivion, and what will I tell my children, the truth is their compensation, I am a father a brother a teacher a communicator, I deal with the evil that is overcoming civilization and I can’t afford to wait much longer, and this is just an introduction, my petition of sorts and it’s the first of many of that I am certain…

God answered my call, with wisdom I asked, he told me of the written works of thousand year old dispositions, the myriad of beliefs that grew up, nearly all from confrontation, when all he ever asked for was love, we responded with power and a fierce determination to overcome other nations without mercy or any such emotion, placing our faith in similar type situations, when war was met with war, hatred grew out of all this misinformation, and today we are united he says, not by love as was his only and persistent call, but by the fear of self immolation. Blessings he stored for us like a farmer for future exploitation, originally given for our own determination, and as such he could not let out the gifts in the manner that he planned, because the Good hearts became like much sought after wine, nowhere to be found and outside the reach of us, who were more interested in our personal reputations, self made to self we prayed, for the poor and hungry of the world can offer proof of this total degeneration of so much of the entire, of the so called human civilization. Many were sent, hope joy opportunity and blessings in magnificent amounts, all betrayed by those in political office or such, trusted by these self same cultured nations. If I work through the heart he said and the heart cannot be trusted anymore, there is nothing I can do about it, as the heart is my only form of communication. So, before you dwell in pity, bitterness or fear, don’t you ever ask yourself what you did, to bring about this atrocious complication, nothing I suppose like so many in whom the gift of life was given, is one billion to one not good enough for you, before you thought you could overcome all that was divine for some other interpretation…..

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


African dictators welcomed with open arms, the new pope smiles a gesture too far, first world corporations mingle with murderous scum, hoping to develop a relationship using the gun, resources shipped to feed the western thirst, economic professors milk it for all that it’s worth, God sighs while the flame of love dies, do they realize the consequence to all their lies, seemingly not St.Peter declares the boss won’t put with this for long, you can’t be serious the greedy titans rage, they plot and plan to kill anyone that gets in their way.

Any excuse to create global confusion is a racket they prepare by the day, emotions pushed to the limit hoping that the good people pray, attempting to force the hand of God upon the few, not the intended target but it cancels out the uncertainty, meanwhile faith in all that is Good and in God almighty himself, gets weaker by the second but the evil doers have taken this into account, hoping in the wake of the disappointment that love itself will cease, leaving the earth and the good that exists there to the evil that is trying to climb the mount

Patchy news God gets the blues triggers a series of typhoons, the sting of the reptile is temporarily dimmed and menace is weakened again, toying and flowing the game rolls along and it’s a pitch battle between goodness and sin, if he decides to leave the game we’ll have a free for all, we were never going to get into heaven as it is, but when he’s gone we’ll have them all, their children their souls their gold and it all, maybe it’ll last for another hundred years a lifetime or more, an eternity for those who care little about their fellow kin, expenses, can’t stop thinking about them..

Friday, March 15, 2013

Drug me Too....

drug drug me too, the way i like too, sounds familiar, but i was looking at the news, the harvest of the Afghani's, ten years later the yield is even greater, is there anything we can do, reports and consultant fees and all the other excesses, the same old voices pretend to offer wisdom, the situation keeps getting worse and worse, until common sense came to town, what you mean there is another opinion we dont know, heads look up to heaven shaking the head, if he ever finds out the truth, we'll all be looking for our heads...
and this is it, simple, but the truth is always simple, no complications at all, for all the money they spend on security, they could have bought all those harvests for thousands of years, and guess who'd be out of a job, we can't listen to this, just drug the kids instead, give them telly stars and all the rest, keep them busy till they get into bed...not really an option anymore, or will you try to drug me, like you did before...and they say they love their children, well, love love me too.....

Thursday, March 14, 2013

All you needs is a woman's heart....

Religion war, war, war, god, Christians united, Muslim, Jewish ness, the whole lot was a mess, and undermining life globally and locally for everyone who just wanted to get on. You had to be in some ones gang when it came to religion. You stood alone, you were bait. Harry had been taking notes on it all. How religion, oil, business and the media had merged. ROBM, rob’em he called it for short.
Magda even agreed with him, her English was improving too. She’d help with women’s issues she promised once she passed her final exams. Love, the one issue he’d yet to come across on the TV, and it’s thousands of channels. Dating, mating, weekend flings, out door sex, partnerships, open marriages, conditions annexed, he’d seen loads, been taken to places he never knew existed, been inside and outside discussions on it, but had to date not seen the most endangered of species of late, the loving human being. Seen lots of movies on the issue, syrup was thick, sentiment missing as usual. The hourly news blasts reinforcing what he already knew, no money in peace when it came to the middle east, love was totally at odds with everything to do with power and money. Suicide on the increase, drugs and alcohol too, the gap between rich and poor lengthens, the smirk of a banker,  as over and over he chews, on the fillet of people. Love was not an issue known to make the news. Many had sung about it, written lines too, tried it out even, for it has a hunger know one knew, or so powerful, free too, freaky that you don’t need insurance for it, to save it even. Love was the most powerful drug of all figured harry, who’d put it all down on it, everything he believed in. afraid to do it on his own, he’d signed up with a religious order. With time, his mistake was well placed, as now he was thinking of going out on his own. Magda, could as easily have been Magdalene, mary in fact. The da Vinci code had everyone worked up. people got quickly bored with it though.  how would he approach his superiors with the news. Magda told him to use a cyber name, to keep his job, and to do his thing online. The worreld is going all electric she’d say. He liked the idea of the anonymous prophet leader guru type, who connected with his followers through advertising. Wasn’t sure how it would work online. Easee peesee   was magda’s response to everything now they were almost a couple, almost. Working together was as good as sex, almost, they were going to be getting closer and closer. The dam would burst one day soon she hoped.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

it's amazing what the heart can do...really

Far across the ocean a land we never see
A family waits for something more from he
A promise made a bond that never breaks
My love is that ocean whatever it takes

Words are warming if sentiment is real
Special deals for all the faces
No honesty but you my lord
evil has run aground and flees

Love is why were here
Its not to hurt and offend
Get favour out of friendship
Or to lust until the end

Sadly its come to this
chances have been many you see
At each turn we made the move
That has put us in bad company

love cant flourish with just a check
no celebrity endorsement ring change
this is a call to the heart of humanity
It’s a choice of death over eternity

The new age has arrived fear no more
Elephants have climbed the hill of hope
They stare into the green valley below
It’s amazing what the heart can do..really

Friday, March 8, 2013

Lambing Season Again

It’s here again, ahh I hear them say, gamboling through the fields their mother’s not far away, smiles all round, heart strings moved, are they not so cute, you’d like to have one for a pet, who’d harm a lamb, animal haters worse than mass killers, the cruelty I can hear you pray, yet they all end up at the hands of chain saw killers, blood pouring everywhere, but it don’t put you off your dinner, lambs aren’t lambs for long, like little babies they too become another kind of prey, really, you can’t be serious, officer I wasn’t actually going to abuse a child formally, I don’t do those kind of things normally, the images were free by the way, so was the first bag of heroin, the one that hooked those children all those years ago.
Lambing season advice, warm indoor space required, a good source of running of water, room for them to run around and plenty of hay, that’d be a good start I hear the farmer say. What happens after that is up to the meat eater, some like them tender, others eat them rare, more often it’s best to roast them over a spit, but you’ll get a good meal for twelve out of one, then that’s the end of that, for the poor little gamboling lamb that you thought so tender and sweet, unless you want to keep a few alive and healthy for the season ahead, when you want to breed more to eat. It's a bit like children, love and more love, the more get it, the more there is to come, mind those lambs, forget about everything else, and we'll all enjoy a good gamboling.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Cokeheads Dream...(Hitler Got Away With It)

Pete washed her smell off his body, rubbing himself all over, cleansing himself. HIV/AIDS was a growing issue, especially in the music business. Good wash after sex was staple for him. Had she made it home, he’d forgot to ask her a favour, a delivery he needed making that evening to the producer, tv guy who could offer her work.

The water was instant and hot as she stepped into the shower. Used to it she didn’t flinch, enjoying the heat, her head and mind in far away places, far away from men, fucking machines to her, no loyalty, she was good at pretending when it came to men.
She’d loved once, many years ago, so far from it now, she could hardly remember, unless she felt cheap or easy, used and abused, as she had that day, not blaming anyone, no denial to comfort her, she liked raw life, unwrapped for what it was, yourself alone in a hopeless world. She’d never forgiven God for that day, the day his plane crashed and their dreams ended. Aid worker too, what god would forsake an aid worker she asked, no God would allow such a thing happen to one so good, so giving. She hadn’t read the story of Jesus closely, she just had God, the prayer maker, the one you confess your hopes and dreams to when the going is good and all life is star like. God did not exist in gloom, not in her heart anyway. But harry gave her a different feel, a sense of longing she was having difficulty with. Pete introduced them one night, introduced her to cocaine and others too. Politeness wasn’t something she was used to from men either. Usually it was a case of clean clothes, fresh smells, loose morals and little else, the holy grail being love and being loved in return. Men wanted her knickers and only treated her when she treated them to sex. Story of mankind she supposed until Jesus came along, so the story went. Rubbing her sex organ clean, she doused it in liquid soap, trying to erase the last testimony to it’s existence or worth. Pete who’d been with every pretty woman in London it seemed had been her latest regular fuck, a mutual respect based on lust and coke and her lack of pride. So she took coke to boost her mental strength, so claimed pete who was glad to furnish her with the shit anytime he needed a favour.

Stir fry has to be mixed and turned so that it doesn’t burn. Bit like your skin in the sun. you keep moving around until it’s brown all over. Harry enjoyed cooking, healed his drug taking in that he couldn’t role joint and stir fry at the same time. Piri was added, a spice, salt and pepper, soy sauce too, the pan sizzled, harry kept turning the smell got better. The microwave went beep, meaning the rice was cooked. Ten to six, he was ahead of schedule.

Pete was on the street, walking to his local. A caller wanted a half ounce, and it was a regular, another media head. A fashion house was having an after launch party for a few guests, no coke no party, no coke no impressionable young women who wanted to live on the money of the seemingly wealthy. Most of them would end up on the hire circuit, sex hire that is, but they were too young yet to notice what the real world had in mind for them. Oliver waited inside the door of the kings head bar, drinking just water, hand inside jacket clutching a £1,000 wedge. Come pete he urged to himself, he’d promised a pal he’d have a fix for them, pete was usually reliable.
“I knew I could rely on you” laughed ollie on seeing his pal enter the bar, the same time calling a gin and tonic for his pal.
“make it a water” interrupted pete, well aware of the amount of coke crystals in his head lungs chest and heart. Coke on it’s own was survivable, not so cute with alcohol he’d learned from a few dead friends, knowledge he didn’t share.

“visions of Erica, they’re a new name, you should see the young chicks” quipped ollie trying to make small talk, while pete fiddled with a package that had been stuffed down his underpants, between his balls and anus.
“hurry up” added ollie looking at his watch.
I’ll choke him swore pete to himself, swear I will, all the time fumbling with the plastic bag, careful not to give ollie the bag with the mixed stuff, but the bag with the good stuff. It was well known in the media and TV business that quality of coke was a sign of a company on the up. The poorer companies mixed their coke three to four times. Haute couture was 50% pure coke and twice the price of the badly mixed shit. A bit like beer and brandy to an alcoholic with poor liver function. But fashion houses made so much money from favoured clients, that the whole coke thing became normal. Same for TV and the mile a minute comic who can’t shut up, hilarious. More hilarious was the reality that those in the media industries were more likely to be around cocaine regularly than the average addict. You never hear of the drug testing of TV/media  executives even though they sell propaganda daily. Hitler got away with it I suppose.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Lament For Hugo

We Will Never Forget You
(a.k.a. Hugo we will never forget you)

Busy, looking for the make up honey, it’s your turn to collect the kids today, by the way I never received the cheque, they caught bin laden by the way, everyone cheers, the world has changed, still haven’t got the cheque, Bradley manning gets twenty years to life, big cheer all around, yeah, he was a traitor, gun lobby cheers even louder, who were the sandy hook children anyway ,in the wrong place at the wrong time, they should have armed guards in schools all day, who’ll we blame I hear them say, oops, one of our opps wiped out a school bus full of children in Iraq today, we’ll send them a cheque as well, they’ll feel better that way, national security hires private police force, wont be on the payroll, call them consultants, congress likes it that way, too many numbers on the list as it is, who’ll we go for next they say, room full of clones discuss the use of drones, pr man comes up with a plan, sounds fairly smart todd we think your very smart, we’ll make you the national director, todd who, haven’t a clue neither has todd, they believe what they hear in the news, call it a terror hit and put some top level names on that bus hit, pope in tears he pleads to God, you elevated me to this job, and I’m surrounded by a ticking bomb list, pope refuses to go along with their plan, won’t allow the planned nuclear hit, a step too far he retires instead, pandemonium, we need our guy to get elected, anyone in the little black book, oh crikey, Hugo Chavez is dead.
God throws of his gown, puts down the golden staff, sees a row of empty jars, in the corner there’s a full one, full of the horrors that are the human race, takes one in his hand and smashes it towards the earth, all gone, the end, an entire section of mankind goes on the run. Todd Todd, I thought you hand a handle on this, you go to church don’t you, todd stutters, I really don’t know what to do, he’s lost his tongue. I gave them every chance speaks God, I’ll turn them all into baffling fools for the horror they have done.
One good man, and lots of great women, is this the harvest of all that they have done, St Peter shakes with fear, the last time he say his master this angry, he soon saw a tsunami come and a country disappear.

Born to poverty, reminded of it as he grew up, faith in God strong, waited for his time to come, struck when he had enough, came to power, freed the poor the impoverished with a grin, even sang, gave back to the poor what belonged to them, was ridiculed in Washington for what he’d done. The road to hell is full of Good intentions, and ignorance is not going to save you, neither will it save anyone. The wealthy elite who stole and cheat, plan to retake the wealth they vested on themselves, with the help and blessing of the American people, it’s Venezuela we want, the key the director of the C.I.A. states, and he’s Irish, there is prayer in his veins. Wasn't Hugo right all those years ago, thank God for the French revolution, the first tsunami of hope that world has ever known, when the people stood up and said no. Together we can do it.
Trust in Jesus Christ, he’s the only one who can save us now…

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New Wine Please....

The beginning, a long long time ago, a lot has changed, we no longer live in the desert,
we all have education, main roads are not dirt roads, cars have replaced donkeys, women  vote, and men, they still are an enigma, wars are still being fought in multiple locations. For the sake of sanity, like any doctor trying to cure us or help us, we have to go back to the past, to understand the pathology of the disease, and the disease I’m talking of, is the disease of hatred and suspicion. Trust is not widely available no matter what the sages state, even in many marriages. We are suspicious of  neighbors, politicians, we question motives, why did he do this, why did she say that, we distrust religions, and rather than going out in the world and doing the correct thing, we go out and do the select thing, our personal interest the key most of what we do, and our interest not the welfare of others, rather the interest of the few, the few being the group we are attached to at any given time. My group are better than yours, our religion has a closer link with the almighty, our way is better than theirs, it’s not the kind of thinking to have when the Titanic appears to be sinking, and the only ones cheering being the extremists, the we told you so types, something new is badly needed.

Religion is central to most disputes,  the main reason used to justify wars and conflicts.
In the beginning, there was us, and a collection of religious groupings, all with their Gods, idols and their laws.  God most high was alarmed, warrior nations,what was going on, really pissed him off, he shouted stop. Sent along famines wars catastrophes of all types, floods even. The response wasn't so Good, eventually sent along the Son. Christianity was born, miracles happened that could not be explained away, faith in love took root, the basis of all the Christian religions was born, the tree of God begins to grow. Bible stories and history has proved this to be fairly accurate.
Along the way, the church attracts support from many types, lots of converts, all sorts, women men, black white, and it grew. Then we had the few bad eggs, who invaded the space of the good, the political minded acquired power, started their own religious wars, tried by force to convert nations not yet ready to accept the new teaching, started spreading hatred of Christianity instead, forced other nations to start their own religions, to counter balance what was going on, as everyone knew at this stage that God was real, the miracles undeniable, so they all sought favor with God most high, a good thing to do, there was no malice intended. Nationalist leaders everywhere, then used the religious backing for their state to  gather support for war, and it spread and spread. In the meantime wise men came along trying to fix things, but the fix was temporary, and died out when they died out, bar exception. God then sent wise men among other nations to help things, islamic religion was born, and so on and on. All religions are groups of individuals trying to climb the proverbial mountain, in order to gain admittance to heaven.
In a nutshell, all the religions of the world started from the same tree, the church started by St.Peter, inspired by Jesus Christ. Today, many branches, and lost of wars later, and we all are on the brink again, as the signs in the skies and elsewhere indicate. What are we going to do about it…blame the neighbors..But i for one, can't simply ignore what is going on, and it's a question we all have to address, or help answer, before God most high, takes action again..

Monday, March 4, 2013

God ignored me and i can't afford harvey

You are being bullied and you don’t know what to do, unsure about the action to take. Your being undermined, events happen that affect you, caused by others, you are not aware of it, think your going crazy, even friends think your barmy. You have to deal with a menace, your fearful for your own sake and that of your family. You’ve lost control of your home, children dictate, you feel powerless, dealing with an addiction, past or present, others know your weak points, you feel vulnerable. Situations are being created by someone in order to take control of you or to deceive you .A friend you do not like or respect suddenly appears at your door just when you need a godsend, but it happens over and over. In business, having a crisis, cash flow is slow, your new friend arrives offering you help. The bank manager cuts your overdraft without warning, at a vital time, when your vulnerable. The loan you thought was long term is called in, just as you were about to conclude a deal to expand your business. These are not movie themes, they are happening everywhere, have been for years. A politician makes a u turn on something he used to fight for, it happens again and again, we now come to expect it.
The array of circumstances mentioned above, have happened to most of us in some degree, and unless you have the wisdom of Solomon, you fall for most of them, blame yourself almost. The reason I mention this, is that I was once in a very tight situation, when I had to deal with, a corruptible police force, corruptible town officials, real time gangsters, dishonest business partners, teenagers in danger of abuse, vulnerable women being targeted by men, drunk women being targeted by men, happens all the time, drug dealers who try to befriend you, married men and women who hide their true sexuality, crooked politicians, and women acting as spies who tempt your affections, I dealt with them all, while attempting to help a very close friend in grave danger. The tactics they devise and use, tactics learned and taught not just by example, but passed on by generation to generation, to conceal, deceive, hide, and damage people, thereby providing future weapons of war for the new emerging evil doers, all in a days work if you are working for Godot, as I do, have done for twenty odd years, being a man with a conscience, real not part time. I presupposed if that is the correct word to use, the affect these learned tactics were going to have on my environment, the country’s well being, the well being of children everywhere, and the word in general, i.e the reputation of God was being thrashed at the time, priests with socio/sexual problems were being exposed the world over, no one at this time was mentioning the much bigger and deeply rooted problem of socio/sexual problems in the homes of ordinary people the world over, the best kept secret of our times, as no parent will willingly admit to such things until it’s damage done time, baring rare exceptions. I’m familiar with quite a bit as they say.

 My conclusions are not positive, neither are they negative, there is hope. I imagined that if the situation was to be recovered, certain things would happen, namely, a disclosure of the deceit and cover ups mounted, i.e. disclosure of spin doctoring and alibi construction, a basic revelation of truths was needed. I disclosed my conscience findings to God most high and asked for the solutions, laugh if you like but your in for some shock, and asked for help, I was certain that the world wide well being of all the good souls living was at stake.  I mounted my own secretive counter operation, using wisdom given to me by God most high, and prefaced it with a deed of pure love, every day since, the greatest of pleasures potentially when you see results. I don’t live like a king, would be poor by most folks standard, my choice. I don’t measure on the radar of the evil doers, they are only interested in those going places, when dealing with evil energy, you have to do a good impression of having none. I could have been an actor, was asked a few times, could be stand up comic, might yet, but I got into the role, slowly and with no idea where it would take me, but I had a fair idea that it would take about twenty odd years to attain the prize if you like.
At the time of my quest to be part of the change needed, I had enough ready cash to sustain the effort for about five years, I managed to stretch it further, knew at the back of it all, that the web was only going to get bigger and bigger, and given my love for writing things, interest in web matters, and being creative, I imagined always I’d win the day, so I parachuted out of the plane, head first. Having the support of God in your mind, does give you a boost, like when you see those clouds clear and the stars emerge, there is not a whole lot to worry about, apart from other members of the human race. Like many religions, people try to control love all the time, and loved ones, ask your wife boyfriend father or mother, it’s not possible I’m glad to say, but keep beating the cat when it’s dead, it’s good exercise, joking of course, I love cats, they know people better than we do. Religions by the way is supposed to affect positive love, not control it, full stop.

We have today, but I  hope you pass these writings on to all and sundry, I mean to everyone you know. I discovered many years ago real time angels working the world, assisting people, sorting things out as best they could, passing on wisdom, a battle royale almost, where the power of Good fought the rising power of evil, that was revived somewhere, possibly by war, possibly by fatigue, cynicism, battered love, you get the point, things can wear anyone out. Fortunately I was also aware that good spirit follows people too, when in the zone as a basketball coach would call it, you have it, so I made a point of getting into situations I wasn’t supposed to go, always with the headlights on not accidentally, brothels, but not for sexual reasons, dangerous company, in order to shed light on what was going on, forcing my consciousness to be aware and not the receiver of second hand info, as I supposed God was in all people, and those that worked for Good could not deny their experiences to him, or her. It worked a dream, again and again I got results, so much so I acted like I had problems in order to stop bad spirits from taking an interest in me. I was following the advice of a wise man, think foolishly act wise.

I was I suppose learning to trust in God, I still am, I joined the dots, and it all made sense, often what I thought proved too often correct, began to realize that any one of us could change the world and simply, wasn’t entirely sure though. So long as it’s done for love and no other reason, God will get involved in some way, you just have to believe it, and as they say, if you believe it, you do it, simple. I even went to the trouble of having myself mocked, practiced being humble, that’s not easy, pushed the boat out as far as I could without drowning, even saw weather changes that are awesome. In a nutshell, it could be a mustard seed shell, what everyone needs to be aware of is the following.

Firstly, we are told to forgive, because it will make us better and stronger, healthier too,  we are told to forgive because God will settle all accounts when the time comes, and that time is coming closer by the moment. If bad things happen to wake us up, warn us, consider yourself lucky. But forgiving is good for you because you do not want to live a life with resentment as your partner, it will cause your heart to hurt, and when your heart hurts, your ability to love dims. And when you can’t love fully, you become an addict of any amount of things, what’s your poison as they say, love is void that has to be filled, it’s that simple, it’s why it’s important to encourage children when they are very small, and to do it actively, from day one onwards, not years later as so many of us seem to do.
The only currency God has time for is love, as God is love incarnate. What impresses and wakens him, brings him joy and delight, is true and real love. The opposite to what was happening on earth for years, when the me mentality dominated everything. It’s the reason why Jesus loved children more than anything, children love honestly if we allow them, or until they are interfered with, made fearful etc. It’s why we are asked to be like children, so that we can love like them, with trust. If you can’t forgive you can’t fully love.

Secondly, we are all light, on a sunny day we smile more, we are happier, more pleasant, more forgiving, because our bodies are getting sun, and the chemical reaction in the body confirms this, or the high of happiness, or cloud nine as they say. Too much sun can kill you, same can be said for love, when it becomes obsessive. On this point, people who love shine, stand out, complain the least usually, and they give the most also, to others in need.. Put it simply, they don’t tend to be very complex, and they don’t try to fool you, unless they are deceivers. Any woman out there reading this will get that one easily. When you are in the company of shiny happy people, as the song goes, you just feel relaxed.

Thirdly, we, all of us, we, can change anything, when we decide to. The problem is, that not enough people work for happy and loving change, most folks are totally self obsessed. When your in the “all about me syndrome” it’s the beginning of the end, you don’t actually love anyone fully more than yourself, we have terms for those kind of folks, their kind of love will destroy, even if no one finds out, no matter how much money you have, or what your children think of you, cause they will soon be copying you. The key to Good change, is change that is good for all, not just your country’s security, how do we make society better, how do we acquire good habits, how do we stop the sexualisation of the world, how do we get rid of corruption in politics, how do we inspire God to help us along. Many people down through the ages were given last minute reprieves from death and horrible situations, by God’s mercy. Many people, so many you’d be hear till next year, and many of them, while committed at the time of their great escape to doing whatever they could do to assist in the creation of heaven on earth, returned to their old ways, the miracle forgotten, I have money I don’t need you kind of thing. God is no fool, while he gave us free will, has heard all the prayers there is to hear, he does not easily bestow his grace on any of us, so we need to prove ourselves in some way. As I said to a few friends who were seriously ill once, if you want to remain on the earth, do something useful and Good, and pray as you intend to go on. Be patient if you truly believe and pray what is good not just about yourself. The harvest is rich and the workers are few, you might come in handy as they say.
Finally, I don’t mean this is the last you’ll hear of this, I intend to be doing this with my last breath. It is possible to alter history, by that I mean, we can change the future course of events, prevent hardships, stop terrible things happening, if those of the Good heart start working together, no matter what religion, as long as it’s a belief system that promotes love over hatred, and equality, and is not full of the me complex. There are no boundary lines in heaven, only lots of great souls, and like the parable of the talents, or the vineyard, it’s never too late, so long as your actions match your words that is. Making amends to those you hurt or stole from, wrongly judged, deceived, outing corruption you are aware of etc, I pray for this regularly, as I know that many good souls, both dead and living, cry out for justice everywhere, and God hears them, we just need more of us to get on the same hymn sheet. Don’t ever seek revenge.

To sum it up, I had the most amazing of dreams, an impossible recovery, had an inkling, that we were all about to be judged, in real time that is, was then visited and told this by an old man out of the blue, basically told to trust in God, was reassured about what I thought I already knew. Circumstances now happening around the world makes me wonder no more, prophecies of old are in play, and we are the game. So we must push aside our fears and guilt, God is the most forgiving of fathers even if you have difficulty forgiving yourself, learn to love in the proper way, help create the impossible dream, of heaven and earth, being as one. The reason I point this out, is to make you aware, that here on earth there are people of an evil disposition, who never want heaven and earth to be as one, in any form, but it has happened already in places, the barrier has been torn down. If, even for a single day, we all put our best heart forward, we can look to a better outcome for all concerned with being Good. For those of you skeptical, have you found any hedge fund manager with any heart yet, one maybe, but most people only believe in money, in a world they believe that is controlled by money, this is a complete lie, watch the titans fail.  When we decide the game is up for those who use money to control everything, it’s up. How about my health plan, where is your trust, I can hear you squabble already, do you ever listen fully, is your mind made up before you start, it’s not supposed to be easy, maturity is not the same as immaturity, we call it the acquisition of wisdom, the bit in between, hopefully. Anyways,  I write not to impress myself, but to give hope to those who’ve lost faith, encouragement to those with faith, direction to those seeking wisdom, and energy to the cause of good. How often have we been told you can’t, how often have we been told to get used to it, how long have we put up with it, a world controlled by the few, supported by those who use spin doctors and others to distort the truth, that keeps us enslaved and is sending millions to their death weekly, like there is nothing we can do about it. Let me assure you, only with God’s help can the deemed impossible come through, I’ve seen it already, I know the power of love.

When a movement of energy meets a lesser form of energy, the stronger energy cuts through and moves on till it reaches the next object in it’s way, and the next, destroying and consuming all, that is, until it comes up against an immovable object that can’t be moved. What happens then is very exciting I have to say, the powerful energy that once was totally dominant bounces off the immovable object and falls back on it itself with devastating affects, it’s like a tsunami. Every soul comes face to face with this energy too, and like a cancerous growth, this powerful dark energy lives on fresh conquests, until it meets a stronger force. Pure love is the energy of God, and we all have the power to create it, wake up, stand up. Nothing can defeat pure love. Dark energy has peaked and is destroying itself, the more we continue to love, the quicker it will happen, please pass this story on, just get the message out, nothing written here is a lie, we love more we all are rewarded, it’s that simple. When we pray together for common cause we are unbreakable, if our petition and prayers are made in the name of the greatest of all the prophets and wise men, The Lord Jesus Christ, as his words spoken say, if we ask the Father for help in his name, and we ourselves are true to our words, we will not be ignored. I have asked, and I’ve seen the impossible come through so often it’s awesome. Many people have asked me to be a preacher, I’m a little shy. Written words I reckon are better, can be used by many.
Pass the message on, it’s all that I ask, I’ve seen the Golden city, it’s as real as they say. The time has come, the world is going to see amazing things happen, I can’t afford to lie, and none us can pretend to be unknowing, anymore.

Ecosia | The Green Grind

Ecosia | The Green Grind

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