Tuesday, March 19, 2013


African dictators welcomed with open arms, the new pope smiles a gesture too far, first world corporations mingle with murderous scum, hoping to develop a relationship using the gun, resources shipped to feed the western thirst, economic professors milk it for all that it’s worth, God sighs while the flame of love dies, do they realize the consequence to all their lies, seemingly not St.Peter declares the boss won’t put with this for long, you can’t be serious the greedy titans rage, they plot and plan to kill anyone that gets in their way.

Any excuse to create global confusion is a racket they prepare by the day, emotions pushed to the limit hoping that the good people pray, attempting to force the hand of God upon the few, not the intended target but it cancels out the uncertainty, meanwhile faith in all that is Good and in God almighty himself, gets weaker by the second but the evil doers have taken this into account, hoping in the wake of the disappointment that love itself will cease, leaving the earth and the good that exists there to the evil that is trying to climb the mount

Patchy news God gets the blues triggers a series of typhoons, the sting of the reptile is temporarily dimmed and menace is weakened again, toying and flowing the game rolls along and it’s a pitch battle between goodness and sin, if he decides to leave the game we’ll have a free for all, we were never going to get into heaven as it is, but when he’s gone we’ll have them all, their children their souls their gold and it all, maybe it’ll last for another hundred years a lifetime or more, an eternity for those who care little about their fellow kin, expenses, can’t stop thinking about them..

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