Thursday, March 28, 2013

womens issues

women’s week, the news channels were running programs with a very womanlike leaning. Knowing women better, fake tan in a hurry, dyed blonde, healthier women, women in chains, east European slave trading. He clicked though to Women as sexual slaves. He’d read and heard about it, the trade in young eastern girls throughout the world. The Japanese had sex slaves, the yanks invented Bangkok, Amsterdam, Spain, all across the middle east, porn was global remarked the narrator, harry listened with clear intent, his jack daniels undisturbed, wondering how the masses would let it all end, or would the peaks of perversion continue to rise. How do you clamp this global dose of the pox.
A fifteen year old girl begins to tell a story, it’s going to be horrific. After the gang rape part, harry had enough, switched channel. Do they go into graphic detail because we’re concerned about her fifteen year old life or body he muses, as the news plays. We like to be led into dark places, more sex the less we’ll feel about it.Harry switched back to the women’s issue channel. It was all about sex. Sex playing was a new thing, invented in California, by a group of women, who wanted to make sex more fun. Laugh when your coming explains a dour looking forty year old, express the fact that you were happy, that’s important too. Laughing during sex was very therapeutic too. Laughing changed my world, Hillary laughing while her partner explains. New forms of female masturbation announced the narrator. Women were taking charge of their own orgasms. Come back here orgasm!.
The issues that come to mind on women’s day. Nobody mentioned the children that had to be looked after, the mortgage that had to be paid, the old folks that needed our attention, or the fear of a war that could end it all. A lot of advertising spend had to be justified, and readership was the main indicator, eyes on pages as they say, not that eyes on pages meant anything, other than that someone looked at the program, page, or whatever it was they were trying to lure you away with, women’s issues of course.

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