Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Lament For Hugo

We Will Never Forget You
(a.k.a. Hugo we will never forget you)

Busy, looking for the make up honey, it’s your turn to collect the kids today, by the way I never received the cheque, they caught bin laden by the way, everyone cheers, the world has changed, still haven’t got the cheque, Bradley manning gets twenty years to life, big cheer all around, yeah, he was a traitor, gun lobby cheers even louder, who were the sandy hook children anyway ,in the wrong place at the wrong time, they should have armed guards in schools all day, who’ll we blame I hear them say, oops, one of our opps wiped out a school bus full of children in Iraq today, we’ll send them a cheque as well, they’ll feel better that way, national security hires private police force, wont be on the payroll, call them consultants, congress likes it that way, too many numbers on the list as it is, who’ll we go for next they say, room full of clones discuss the use of drones, pr man comes up with a plan, sounds fairly smart todd we think your very smart, we’ll make you the national director, todd who, haven’t a clue neither has todd, they believe what they hear in the news, call it a terror hit and put some top level names on that bus hit, pope in tears he pleads to God, you elevated me to this job, and I’m surrounded by a ticking bomb list, pope refuses to go along with their plan, won’t allow the planned nuclear hit, a step too far he retires instead, pandemonium, we need our guy to get elected, anyone in the little black book, oh crikey, Hugo Chavez is dead.
God throws of his gown, puts down the golden staff, sees a row of empty jars, in the corner there’s a full one, full of the horrors that are the human race, takes one in his hand and smashes it towards the earth, all gone, the end, an entire section of mankind goes on the run. Todd Todd, I thought you hand a handle on this, you go to church don’t you, todd stutters, I really don’t know what to do, he’s lost his tongue. I gave them every chance speaks God, I’ll turn them all into baffling fools for the horror they have done.
One good man, and lots of great women, is this the harvest of all that they have done, St Peter shakes with fear, the last time he say his master this angry, he soon saw a tsunami come and a country disappear.

Born to poverty, reminded of it as he grew up, faith in God strong, waited for his time to come, struck when he had enough, came to power, freed the poor the impoverished with a grin, even sang, gave back to the poor what belonged to them, was ridiculed in Washington for what he’d done. The road to hell is full of Good intentions, and ignorance is not going to save you, neither will it save anyone. The wealthy elite who stole and cheat, plan to retake the wealth they vested on themselves, with the help and blessing of the American people, it’s Venezuela we want, the key the director of the C.I.A. states, and he’s Irish, there is prayer in his veins. Wasn't Hugo right all those years ago, thank God for the French revolution, the first tsunami of hope that world has ever known, when the people stood up and said no. Together we can do it.
Trust in Jesus Christ, he’s the only one who can save us now…

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