Monday, March 25, 2013

Manic Street Children

give me a reason to like myself, give me the keys to my life, fill my head with all sorts of ideas, fill me with hope make me feel all right, blast blast blast, rocket speed to my head, waves of images and noise, twenty four seven every angle of attack, head so swollen with every single doubt, the manic street children are all about...and we are all amazed at the continued downward kerb of all that is right, is that so, um....must have landed on a foreign planet....wait...look at the old guys gathered outside that school, and those momma's preparing to go out, they look kinda another AD Break! declares St.Peter, hoping the boss won't wake up. Babylon all those years ago, they didn't listen either, but the clean up cost a fortune, made a few reputations though, just like those manic street children, those crazy kids we all used to know.

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