Tuesday, March 12, 2013

it's amazing what the heart can do...really

Far across the ocean a land we never see
A family waits for something more from he
A promise made a bond that never breaks
My love is that ocean whatever it takes

Words are warming if sentiment is real
Special deals for all the faces
No honesty but you my lord
evil has run aground and flees

Love is why were here
Its not to hurt and offend
Get favour out of friendship
Or to lust until the end

Sadly its come to this
chances have been many you see
At each turn we made the move
That has put us in bad company

love cant flourish with just a check
no celebrity endorsement ring change
this is a call to the heart of humanity
It’s a choice of death over eternity

The new age has arrived fear no more
Elephants have climbed the hill of hope
They stare into the green valley below
It’s amazing what the heart can do..really

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