Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New Wine Please....

The beginning, a long long time ago, a lot has changed, we no longer live in the desert,
we all have education, main roads are not dirt roads, cars have replaced donkeys, women  vote, and men, they still are an enigma, wars are still being fought in multiple locations. For the sake of sanity, like any doctor trying to cure us or help us, we have to go back to the past, to understand the pathology of the disease, and the disease I’m talking of, is the disease of hatred and suspicion. Trust is not widely available no matter what the sages state, even in many marriages. We are suspicious of  neighbors, politicians, we question motives, why did he do this, why did she say that, we distrust religions, and rather than going out in the world and doing the correct thing, we go out and do the select thing, our personal interest the key most of what we do, and our interest not the welfare of others, rather the interest of the few, the few being the group we are attached to at any given time. My group are better than yours, our religion has a closer link with the almighty, our way is better than theirs, it’s not the kind of thinking to have when the Titanic appears to be sinking, and the only ones cheering being the extremists, the we told you so types, something new is badly needed.

Religion is central to most disputes,  the main reason used to justify wars and conflicts.
In the beginning, there was us, and a collection of religious groupings, all with their Gods, idols and their laws.  God most high was alarmed, warrior nations,what was going on, really pissed him off, he shouted stop. Sent along famines wars catastrophes of all types, floods even. The response wasn't so Good, eventually sent along the Son. Christianity was born, miracles happened that could not be explained away, faith in love took root, the basis of all the Christian religions was born, the tree of God begins to grow. Bible stories and history has proved this to be fairly accurate.
Along the way, the church attracts support from many types, lots of converts, all sorts, women men, black white, and it grew. Then we had the few bad eggs, who invaded the space of the good, the political minded acquired power, started their own religious wars, tried by force to convert nations not yet ready to accept the new teaching, started spreading hatred of Christianity instead, forced other nations to start their own religions, to counter balance what was going on, as everyone knew at this stage that God was real, the miracles undeniable, so they all sought favor with God most high, a good thing to do, there was no malice intended. Nationalist leaders everywhere, then used the religious backing for their state to  gather support for war, and it spread and spread. In the meantime wise men came along trying to fix things, but the fix was temporary, and died out when they died out, bar exception. God then sent wise men among other nations to help things, islamic religion was born, and so on and on. All religions are groups of individuals trying to climb the proverbial mountain, in order to gain admittance to heaven.
In a nutshell, all the religions of the world started from the same tree, the church started by St.Peter, inspired by Jesus Christ. Today, many branches, and lost of wars later, and we all are on the brink again, as the signs in the skies and elsewhere indicate. What are we going to do about it…blame the neighbors..But i for one, can't simply ignore what is going on, and it's a question we all have to address, or help answer, before God most high, takes action again..

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