Friday, February 28, 2014

Poisoning the Airways

Poisoning the airways
Poisoning the minds
It’s accountability time
Man tells honest story
State goes into attack mode
The truth doesn’t matter
Damage limitation exercise
They search for anything
Hoping for the worst
They manufacture evidence
Hope to stop the outpouring
God appears in the Sky,
Sends storms and more,
They are listening now,
Poisoning the world,
Poison the child,
They’ll soon fill with hate.
Well God Most High isn’t impressed,
Truth serum global change outlook
All over the entire world,
This has been the status,
Control control control,
Well that plan is as they say,

All, over over over, amen.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Harmony Row

Harmony Row, the “Reign of Woman”

Fear is destroying,
over reacting zealots,
forever pumping hatred,
closing hearts daily,
shutting everyone up,
with their every move,
never practising they preach,
using every form of escape,
the story of the world,
extremists enjoying the ping pong,
God Most High looking on,
have they forgotten how to love,
would appear so,
they continue to poison minds,
numbers more important,
easier to hide,
truth banished from people,
what’s the fear you wonder,
talking points at the davos summit,
man in the sky is watching,
checking the clock counting,
can they recover the abyss,
angels sent to warn them,
old singing prophets worn
elite control room in disarray
moment of great change has come
next stop the new world order
women taking over,
total eclipse of the power of man,
time for heaven on earth to reign,
for at least awhile, amen,

welcome to harmony row

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

vampire heart

Do they know love or are they doing the rounds, good job good education a good address a future unwinds, we’ll soon be in control of everything, well not any more, no group is safe from it, the God of Love is on the warpath, seeking those responsible like a mission impossible, what have they done to my children, turned them to be exploited on demand like that TV channel, keep them dazzled keep them looking, dazed confused you can sell to them, day and night  valium Prozac whatever and a thousand other legal highs, get them young call it condition to the medicine man, doctor doctor you must have something for that, he smiles, more blinding than the sun another one he thinks, gleefully pulls out the latest concoction safe and legal and completely tested, you trust government don’t you, take four of those each day years later the entire nation addicted, the days turned into years, the presidential also rans came and went, chaos reaches peaks and  perversions, dow jones index and your personal debt, the record amounts of cash stashed off shore, the many millions waiting in line for their social security check, forget the others in trouble they never counted anyway, then they saw the cloud in the sky and many huge happenings and knew the game was up, suddenly there was cause for concern in high circles, love had escaped the dark room it was trapped in  hope found daylight, and like a smile it spread till it touched everyone, except those hiding in very dark spaces, the vampire hearts who never venture in the light, well, they are all being rounded up and caught, just like a good old western movie, it might have looked a mission impossible, but nothing is impossible when God Most High in on the case, it’s just a matter of fact.