Saturday, December 21, 2013

Mother's Nature

Mother’s nature is mothers nature, a mothers nurture everlasting, from the cradle to the grave, mother is always there, and we wonder who mother nature is, it’s the nature of love, and the way mother’s are treated sometimes, controlled and sexualised almost everywhere, you wonder why we worry about mother’s nature or mother nature, it’s that simple, God Most High is wisdom personified, no flaws no over reaction, the patience the goes on forever almost, till the seeds mother nature are left with, don’t produce the love we need to survive, so what are you going to do about it, since we have turned it into a lottery, a game of chance, what was divine selection we turned into a joke, well, the man in the Sky, check it out again, assumes otherwise, and being God, he always lets us understand the predicament we are in, so let’s put mothers nature top of the three again, put a smile on the face of love, let mother nature shine again, well you can’t be measuring her by the size of whatever your looking at, it’s not her heart your seating, but the other impulse you have, don’t need to go into detail, but everyone understands the consequence here, and God Most High is on his game again, as the picture in the Sky says, amen. 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Daddy is watching you!

i'm not talking about your secret habits, those things you do in private that only you know about, i'm not talking about the deviousness of the mind and where it can lead you, i'm not talking about selfish dreams and the fantasy inside you, or the hidden feelings you hide in order to hopefully forget them, i'm talking about the real existence of God, and the divinity of Love, it's real, we are light that is formed in body, a gift, the opportunity to do what is right, instead, we have castrated children mentally, and if it doesn't change soon, it's the guy in the picture here, whose going to let us know, amen. It's christmas, time we found the real spirit, the Holy One, and guess what, i have proof of that too, amen

Friday, December 13, 2013

Story of Christmas, part 1


Much has been written about the sources of life on this planet. More has been written about the life of the one known as “Jesus of Nazareth”. Given the state of the world today and the many religious wars fought, either protecting it or promoting it, religion that is, a better understanding of Jesus is needed more today than ever before. Many prophets exist today, preaching and predicting. Condoning and conditioning, their own understanding of “Jesus Christ” their attraction, each one having a leaning towards a philosophy, none of them it seems able to offer an unbiased vision of Jesus, as a kind forgiving and sometimes angry man or woman perhaps, who lived to love and protect the most vulnerable, but all the time willing to see the good in everyone, even in the most difficult of times.
In a world torn apart by a mixture of greed lust apathy paranoia and fear, it is time that we put an end to the mess, and got ourselves singing off a familiar hymn sheet, so that we can follow a future that does not consist of global destruction by means of chemical, atomic, or human means – disease. As many prepare, to celebrate the birth of the Holy One, and there are prophets too, all divinely sent, it’s timely, to put in perspective, what the season means in it’s correct context, not the shopping experience, we have turned it into.
Great changes are afoot, we have witnessed the turmoil globally these last seven years, which has been a permanent feature, for many unfortunates, for far too long. Christmas, is the celebration of Love, and the birth of the redeemer, the one who died for us, and was resurrected again, by divine means. God is watching us closely, hoping, (and we have proof positive of this,) that we put into every day use, the gift given freely, to everyone of us. If it’s just a question of accumulating, this life gift, will account for no more that an extended shopping experience, as we are so good at promoting. The picture in the Sky, is possibly, the last post from a Heavenly father, check it out and pass it on, it just might save us, amen.

Thursday, December 12, 2013


The squires of Heaven, busy again. Nelson Mandela is chatting up Whitney,
Elvis is teaching God Most High guitar, St Peter is doing the usual press release,
God is sharper than Eric Clapton, Elvis is stunned. You learned that in a minute, he says in that drawl, St Peter is a slow typist, Steve Jobs is showing him an apple, can I bite it laughs Peter,  That isn’t funny quips God. The mood among the gathering is high, the evil front is on the run, it’s total harmony, and the angels are moving easily, cutting down one by one, the threads of the evil web, in a matter of time there will be none.
One last push states God, they are getting it right down there, I haven’t laughed this much, his joy is as infectious as a cherished child, anyone with a special request he smiles, he’s ready to pour out his graces, a double dose of the miraculous is on, an Irish Monk, a celebrated preacher while on earth, fosterer of faith is centre stage,
He has his list of prayer requests, there are tears in his eyes, understands the hopes of many are coming through, he remembers some old friends, in particular a small bunch of cheerful nuns, they feed the poor and clothe everyone, they have a crisis in funding, and have been praying to Father Nivard, he’s long way from Tipperary, the old monk who preached so well. He’s a wink in his eye, a bottle of Irish whiskey in his hand, he can drink as much as he wants, doesn’t get tipsy anymore, no one ever in Heaven feels unwell.
He looks at Whitney, a hymn for an old man he wonders; she reads his mind and sings him Christmas carols instead.
How’s the boy doing down there, God looks at Peter, I sent then your instructions, he’s eating porridge as requested, and is being guarded as well.
Mother Christmas enters the den, she’s a former model, but is golden looking, is Irish of course, and she sings a duet every evening, with the honey voiced singer, Eva Cassidy as her back up.
The elders are assembled, waves of men and women, the dining room goes on for miles and miles, stretches , and the wine is being served. Johnny cash is giving a warm up performance, Otis Redding is waiting in the aisle, patience quips God, to Otis, this is going on for ever. John Lennon wants to get in on the act, you believe now laughs God, and you thought it was all imagination, it brings John to tears.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ball in Court

Ball in Court

Two sides to a story
Two outcomes usually
What happens
When the judge
Understands both sides
Sees both deceptions clearly,
One honest man
Who does he believe
The honest one
What about the judge
What side is he on
Both sides pay his wages
Does he see fairly
Or the money he’s on
Tough choices ahead
Money wins probably
Welcome to your world
Ball is in your court,
Decide wisely,
Man in the sky
Watching very closely

It’s estimated that between 5-8% of all prison inmates are totally innocent globally, figure could be higher, much higher in politically motivated court cases, and these people are being held, because of prejudice, same way as Hurricane Carter.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Divine Intervention- Second Helpings

Second helpings

The first cover was so well attended, God Most High has, with generous spirit, decided to serve second helpings of justice, the special affects dinner that has no limits in it’s cuisine offering. For those of the gluttonous nature, who love to use toe rags, who despise the poor, are connoisseurs of conceit and abject cruelty, who are far beyond normal and decent living, we have added a few choice dishes to the menu, but we don’t want to soil your under garments, as you wet yourself with excitement or spoil your avarice appetite, we don’t want to  disappoint you either, that would be unfair. But those throughout the world, who planned the downfall of all that is good, we have come up with a very special new offering, that will appease your unlimited need for power and control, the mercy burger. Full of your bad seeds, this special dish will appease your unsustainable lust for supreme human beings, a rather delicate dish,
That appeals to those who need young virgin spices, to give them that pep in the step as they say, grand dad did I see you running after that little one, hahahaha you dirty devil, hahahaha, this dish is served in very select places, across the globe, in very secure and private places, that only the seriously corrupt and wicked have understanding of, and many with huge reputations have been blackmailed from. The string of boutique hotels, those dainty places, staffed by your prior victims, who themselves have become addicted to your tastes, is all yours for ever and ever. God Most High wants you to understand, that he was so taken by your choice menu, that he has drawn up a list of the chief organisers, planners and facilitators, and intends to  let you have his opinion, as he is a foodie as well.
Did I do that right
Nelson Mandela is at the table with St. Joseph, Peter reads back the press release to them.
Nelson says
“that is so cruel brother, you should invite all the others involved as well!”
St. Joseph, revitalised by the presence of Nelson in heaven, adds:
“too limited, I agree with Nelson, we ought to invite the elite with them, after all, they all work hand in hand”
“I suppose” moans St.Peter, who has to type out the menu again.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Small Hearts

Small Hearts

Small boy, hardly two feet tall, less than three years old, runs and smiles, he’s met his angel, has no fear, feels saved and complete again, acts the way a normal child does, impish and funny, is introduced to TV violence, displays agitated state every time he sees it, mother does not understand, does not understand, she’s been deserted, busy trying to make ends meet. Professional mother, big town reputation, she’s a lawyer, leaves child with minder, two years old, he watches TV when in her care, eight hours a day, mother assumes he’s a condition, doctor diagnoses autism, well it covers everything, puts him on medication, with a need for therapy, which she can afford, child grows poorly, becomes depressed, I’m not the same as the rest of my friends, busy mother builds global career, has the funds to pay for any amount of treatments, because she never minded her child. Situation is repeated again and again.
Small boy three years old, visits friend, wets his pants, is afraid to tell anyone, withdraws to bathroom, attempts to pee, stands there alone, doesn't’t have a clue, tears pour from his eyes, his pals mother comes in, he’s motionless at the bowl, standing there alone, heart filled with terror, worried of the beating she might give, cause he’s used to it at home, and afraid. The destruction of children and the hearts therein, is the end of the line, as no seeds will grow, when damaged so young. You’ve been warned.
A change of heart, is not the sudden realisation that you are going to do things differently because your afraid of some future consequence that might not be good for you. A change of heart is the realisation, that it’s the right thing to do, amen. Nothing in the world matters more than children, that’s why many smart intelligent and well educated people, have allowed them to become victims of sexualisation, violence and

Drug addiction. It’s the charity concept, they’ll do it for us, sorry, doesn’t matter in high places such cheap thoughtfulness. Those with talents will be judged more harshly than those without, see the image of the man in the sky, if your throwing fits of laughter, you’ll soon stop, I promise you, so says God Most High, just imagine it.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Children in trouble

The door closes, child panics, breathing increases, steps closer, it’s me, the voice is a familiar one, rumbles and fumbles, it doesn’t last long, steps retreat, door closes, monsters imagines the child, his dreams interrupted, nightmares instead, Roaming times all over again, roman verdict if it happens again, God Most High is trending, his influence everywhere, titans babble rubbish, plans in crisis, media associates crumble, advertising executives silenced, war mongrels quite, holy warriors aim, global leaders panic, he’s got us, what are our chances, does he negotiate, do something fast, make it work. It’s not about forgiveness, this is the bear cage syndrome, the water went down, the wrecks became visible, no explanation necessary, opposite sides worked hand in hand, shared the spoils, chose their appointed one, situation was day to day, made excuses to everyone, long game that suited all, apart from the vulnerable, the old and very young, well it’s new order everyone, and it’s no compromise everyone, so says God Most High.
Did I get that right wonders Nelson, passes the script to St. Joseph, cause St.Peter is welcoming the new arrivals. Joseph’s eyes say it all, need more in there.

I was trying to be reasonable and fair, suppose I was warning them, when you should have been warming them huffs Joseph with a gaze that would frighten anyone. Nelson gets back to his work. Mel Gibson, he’s a pussycat when compared to St. Joseph, he surmises, amen.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Contemplating Addiction

It’s Friday night she’ll have to do it again,
He’ll climb aboard her and put it all the way in,
It used to be love but that was many years ago,
She just lies there quietly and waits till it ends,
Her heart many miles away she always with him,
She’s now a web addict sends her into a spin,
One day she’ll meet him she wonders if he’s thin,
That was great last night what’s for breakfast he smile,
Passing he slaps her buttocks gives her a big wide grin,
She’s counting the minutes when he’s out the door,
The car leaves the driveway she waves and smiles,
Soon he’s out of sight she soon covered in tears,
Marriage can be a great blessing or a huge mistake,
Chose wisely set an example for the next generation,
It’s the children who are the victims in the end.

You haven’t a load of money, and you can’t afford a lawyer, you getting married, your not sure if it’s your money she is after she wonders too, the cost of the break up is what is worrying you, your attached but detached but aware of the human cost, when love is turned to bitterness and it happens quite a lot, the rivalry that ensues regardless of pain or cost, the legacy we leave to those following not money but the hurt and emotional cost, that deep down scar that reminds you every time when the subject comes up for air, the what if’s the maybe’s the regrets that contain, the fear that does not allow you to forget, basically, I’ve just described the addiction of love, love is not an addiction, love is the condition you should be feeling and it only happens when we use the heart, when you forget how to love you become an addicted person, and the world has been conditioned to love everything but love itself, amen!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

New World Covenant

New Covenant, for the love of God, who else, not the selfies for sure,
Jesus Man, where have all the men gone, we thought you had followers, where they all gone, it’s nothing personal, but why are all the chicks still with you, you are all hung up….yes, it’s true, trouble arrived and the men disappeared, and they have been disappearing ever since, turning women into second class citizens almost everywhere, what do you think when he comes back, I guess he’ll go to see all his old pals, and have a few beers, cheers lads for being there….so sound. Time for change, the intellegencia who tried to explain it all away, make up excuses, it’s over, I’ve seen the cloud.  
Children are a community problem, not simply, a family issue, it’s time you all wised up, in particular those with excessive talent and wealth. I’ve seen the cloud, and I hear many hearts crying, act before it’s too late, God Most High is as real as the stars, and I’ve met the angels, many of them, the time of great change is upon us. Otherwise that picture I have posted, of the man holding the scroll, is a total lie, but being a gambling man, I wouldn’t bet against it if I were you.

When we ease the burden of the old, the ill, mothers and the impoverished, we move the heart of God. Perhaps it’s time we made an effort, and tried to love fully this time, creating a new covenant with God, lets call it love.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

love the violence

Violence, you love it, someone has to, so much of it everywhere, the fashion statement of our times, for the benefit of your children too, How lucky can you get, video computer animation film, or whatever, violence is as catching as porn, were you surfing late last night,
He makes sure to wipe the history clean, what sort of people create such programs, You probably forgot about that, no time to wonder, your mind is stuffed to the gills, hardly have time to eat breakfast I imagine,the number of violent images each child of this earth is exposed to every living day, I’m too busy we’ll talk about it later, the type who calls the therapist in,
Well they are expert witness’s, and they deserve all the support we can give, $100 an hour is a fair going rate,

And there is no end to the problem in sight, apart from the few million who have to endure violence all around them daily, as in Gaza, Syria, and lots of other places, but they are well and truly soaked in it, ignoring the ordinary stuff, just a sidebar I suppose when you add it all up, violence against women mental and physical, it’s been going on for ages, almost eternal. Years ago, we used to be horrified, today it’s a different story, and we wonder why God Most High has been sighted on the sky, probably a spectator waiting for the curtain to come down, I’m sure he’s been entertained for centuries, hope we don’t lose his interest too soon.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Great Example

World of institutions, self promotion and control guided, cover up the principal, habits passed to children,   the treachery they achieve,  welcome to the world dear friends, coffee this morning tastes better, than it has done for years. For decades people tried, , many  their reputations destroyed,  to discourage the wave of truth,  many walked on afraid to intervene, but the stream was strong,  martin luther king and many like him, the example to accompany them.
Under fire the church kept hoping, they being the people of God,  I’ve seen the cloud, many divine events, came face to face with the existence of God, asked my conscience what was going on, found the answers and wisdom , saw the difficulties faced when disasters occurred,  man made to create the emotional flood. God Most High  listens,  you have that power in all that you do, all that, so create  love by birth deed example and sacrifice,  pass on good and great example to all young, they emulate the habits of those around them, the way Martin Luther King, Muhammad Ali and so many before him, well it is christmas time! check out the image, it's one of a sequence, there are many more.

Monday, December 2, 2013

you've been chosen

You’ve Been Chosen

What do you do
you have been chosen,
you still learning
giving it all you can,
trying to explain
the calling of all life
not me God
not the end
of course not,
I do eternal,
it's great stuff,
second life,
do it all again,
 you've been chosen,
 the way you think,
like watching reruns,
we need reminders,
that's why,
you have been chosen.

 the only source of energy that is capable of warming the heart of God, allows the sun to shine for the weather to be sound, it’s silly but it’s always been the answer to our problems, and when you love, you need less for yourself, works every way. 
The deeds the efforts the worthless cases the afterthoughts, the strange decisions you had to make the blind steps, the imaginary friendships you made along the way, how you dealt with all those difficult situations, the help you gave, going up or down sir, always with a smile.B

A child is born and is being formed by those around him, he’s young but is getting used to his new surrounds, understands the difference between soft and hard, his baby ears are still sensitive and are only getting used to noise, he winches at the sharp noise and is always wanting mammy, she’s warn and smelly and she is forever saying soft things to me, now she is dressing me up and taking me to the church, water my God water they are trying to drown me it’s cold too I’m screaming, but once the ceremony it’s odd it’s as if there is new life in me, they all looking oddly at me as if I’ve changed, that’s when you take over cause you’ve been chosen. Life is a git, we have all been chosen, amen