Monday, December 2, 2013

you've been chosen

You’ve Been Chosen

What do you do
you have been chosen,
you still learning
giving it all you can,
trying to explain
the calling of all life
not me God
not the end
of course not,
I do eternal,
it's great stuff,
second life,
do it all again,
 you've been chosen,
 the way you think,
like watching reruns,
we need reminders,
that's why,
you have been chosen.

 the only source of energy that is capable of warming the heart of God, allows the sun to shine for the weather to be sound, it’s silly but it’s always been the answer to our problems, and when you love, you need less for yourself, works every way. 
The deeds the efforts the worthless cases the afterthoughts, the strange decisions you had to make the blind steps, the imaginary friendships you made along the way, how you dealt with all those difficult situations, the help you gave, going up or down sir, always with a smile.B

A child is born and is being formed by those around him, he’s young but is getting used to his new surrounds, understands the difference between soft and hard, his baby ears are still sensitive and are only getting used to noise, he winches at the sharp noise and is always wanting mammy, she’s warn and smelly and she is forever saying soft things to me, now she is dressing me up and taking me to the church, water my God water they are trying to drown me it’s cold too I’m screaming, but once the ceremony it’s odd it’s as if there is new life in me, they all looking oddly at me as if I’ve changed, that’s when you take over cause you’ve been chosen. Life is a git, we have all been chosen, amen

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