Thursday, December 5, 2013

New World Covenant

New Covenant, for the love of God, who else, not the selfies for sure,
Jesus Man, where have all the men gone, we thought you had followers, where they all gone, it’s nothing personal, but why are all the chicks still with you, you are all hung up….yes, it’s true, trouble arrived and the men disappeared, and they have been disappearing ever since, turning women into second class citizens almost everywhere, what do you think when he comes back, I guess he’ll go to see all his old pals, and have a few beers, cheers lads for being there….so sound. Time for change, the intellegencia who tried to explain it all away, make up excuses, it’s over, I’ve seen the cloud.  
Children are a community problem, not simply, a family issue, it’s time you all wised up, in particular those with excessive talent and wealth. I’ve seen the cloud, and I hear many hearts crying, act before it’s too late, God Most High is as real as the stars, and I’ve met the angels, many of them, the time of great change is upon us. Otherwise that picture I have posted, of the man holding the scroll, is a total lie, but being a gambling man, I wouldn’t bet against it if I were you.

When we ease the burden of the old, the ill, mothers and the impoverished, we move the heart of God. Perhaps it’s time we made an effort, and tried to love fully this time, creating a new covenant with God, lets call it love.

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