Wednesday, December 4, 2013

love the violence

Violence, you love it, someone has to, so much of it everywhere, the fashion statement of our times, for the benefit of your children too, How lucky can you get, video computer animation film, or whatever, violence is as catching as porn, were you surfing late last night,
He makes sure to wipe the history clean, what sort of people create such programs, You probably forgot about that, no time to wonder, your mind is stuffed to the gills, hardly have time to eat breakfast I imagine,the number of violent images each child of this earth is exposed to every living day, I’m too busy we’ll talk about it later, the type who calls the therapist in,
Well they are expert witness’s, and they deserve all the support we can give, $100 an hour is a fair going rate,

And there is no end to the problem in sight, apart from the few million who have to endure violence all around them daily, as in Gaza, Syria, and lots of other places, but they are well and truly soaked in it, ignoring the ordinary stuff, just a sidebar I suppose when you add it all up, violence against women mental and physical, it’s been going on for ages, almost eternal. Years ago, we used to be horrified, today it’s a different story, and we wonder why God Most High has been sighted on the sky, probably a spectator waiting for the curtain to come down, I’m sure he’s been entertained for centuries, hope we don’t lose his interest too soon.

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