Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Divine Intervention- Second Helpings

Second helpings

The first cover was so well attended, God Most High has, with generous spirit, decided to serve second helpings of justice, the special affects dinner that has no limits in it’s cuisine offering. For those of the gluttonous nature, who love to use toe rags, who despise the poor, are connoisseurs of conceit and abject cruelty, who are far beyond normal and decent living, we have added a few choice dishes to the menu, but we don’t want to soil your under garments, as you wet yourself with excitement or spoil your avarice appetite, we don’t want to  disappoint you either, that would be unfair. But those throughout the world, who planned the downfall of all that is good, we have come up with a very special new offering, that will appease your unlimited need for power and control, the mercy burger. Full of your bad seeds, this special dish will appease your unsustainable lust for supreme human beings, a rather delicate dish,
That appeals to those who need young virgin spices, to give them that pep in the step as they say, grand dad did I see you running after that little one, hahahaha you dirty devil, hahahaha, this dish is served in very select places, across the globe, in very secure and private places, that only the seriously corrupt and wicked have understanding of, and many with huge reputations have been blackmailed from. The string of boutique hotels, those dainty places, staffed by your prior victims, who themselves have become addicted to your tastes, is all yours for ever and ever. God Most High wants you to understand, that he was so taken by your choice menu, that he has drawn up a list of the chief organisers, planners and facilitators, and intends to  let you have his opinion, as he is a foodie as well.
Did I do that right
Nelson Mandela is at the table with St. Joseph, Peter reads back the press release to them.
Nelson says
“that is so cruel brother, you should invite all the others involved as well!”
St. Joseph, revitalised by the presence of Nelson in heaven, adds:
“too limited, I agree with Nelson, we ought to invite the elite with them, after all, they all work hand in hand”
“I suppose” moans St.Peter, who has to type out the menu again.

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