Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Great Example

World of institutions, self promotion and control guided, cover up the principal, habits passed to children,   the treachery they achieve,  welcome to the world dear friends, coffee this morning tastes better, than it has done for years. For decades people tried, , many  their reputations destroyed,  to discourage the wave of truth,  many walked on afraid to intervene, but the stream was strong,  martin luther king and many like him, the example to accompany them.
Under fire the church kept hoping, they being the people of God,  I’ve seen the cloud, many divine events, came face to face with the existence of God, asked my conscience what was going on, found the answers and wisdom , saw the difficulties faced when disasters occurred,  man made to create the emotional flood. God Most High  listens,  you have that power in all that you do, all that, so create  love by birth deed example and sacrifice,  pass on good and great example to all young, they emulate the habits of those around them, the way Martin Luther King, Muhammad Ali and so many before him, well it is christmas time! check out the image, it's one of a sequence, there are many more.

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