Monday, December 9, 2013

Small Hearts

Small Hearts

Small boy, hardly two feet tall, less than three years old, runs and smiles, he’s met his angel, has no fear, feels saved and complete again, acts the way a normal child does, impish and funny, is introduced to TV violence, displays agitated state every time he sees it, mother does not understand, does not understand, she’s been deserted, busy trying to make ends meet. Professional mother, big town reputation, she’s a lawyer, leaves child with minder, two years old, he watches TV when in her care, eight hours a day, mother assumes he’s a condition, doctor diagnoses autism, well it covers everything, puts him on medication, with a need for therapy, which she can afford, child grows poorly, becomes depressed, I’m not the same as the rest of my friends, busy mother builds global career, has the funds to pay for any amount of treatments, because she never minded her child. Situation is repeated again and again.
Small boy three years old, visits friend, wets his pants, is afraid to tell anyone, withdraws to bathroom, attempts to pee, stands there alone, doesn't’t have a clue, tears pour from his eyes, his pals mother comes in, he’s motionless at the bowl, standing there alone, heart filled with terror, worried of the beating she might give, cause he’s used to it at home, and afraid. The destruction of children and the hearts therein, is the end of the line, as no seeds will grow, when damaged so young. You’ve been warned.
A change of heart, is not the sudden realisation that you are going to do things differently because your afraid of some future consequence that might not be good for you. A change of heart is the realisation, that it’s the right thing to do, amen. Nothing in the world matters more than children, that’s why many smart intelligent and well educated people, have allowed them to become victims of sexualisation, violence and

Drug addiction. It’s the charity concept, they’ll do it for us, sorry, doesn’t matter in high places such cheap thoughtfulness. Those with talents will be judged more harshly than those without, see the image of the man in the sky, if your throwing fits of laughter, you’ll soon stop, I promise you, so says God Most High, just imagine it.

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