Saturday, December 7, 2013

Contemplating Addiction

It’s Friday night she’ll have to do it again,
He’ll climb aboard her and put it all the way in,
It used to be love but that was many years ago,
She just lies there quietly and waits till it ends,
Her heart many miles away she always with him,
She’s now a web addict sends her into a spin,
One day she’ll meet him she wonders if he’s thin,
That was great last night what’s for breakfast he smile,
Passing he slaps her buttocks gives her a big wide grin,
She’s counting the minutes when he’s out the door,
The car leaves the driveway she waves and smiles,
Soon he’s out of sight she soon covered in tears,
Marriage can be a great blessing or a huge mistake,
Chose wisely set an example for the next generation,
It’s the children who are the victims in the end.

You haven’t a load of money, and you can’t afford a lawyer, you getting married, your not sure if it’s your money she is after she wonders too, the cost of the break up is what is worrying you, your attached but detached but aware of the human cost, when love is turned to bitterness and it happens quite a lot, the rivalry that ensues regardless of pain or cost, the legacy we leave to those following not money but the hurt and emotional cost, that deep down scar that reminds you every time when the subject comes up for air, the what if’s the maybe’s the regrets that contain, the fear that does not allow you to forget, basically, I’ve just described the addiction of love, love is not an addiction, love is the condition you should be feeling and it only happens when we use the heart, when you forget how to love you become an addicted person, and the world has been conditioned to love everything but love itself, amen!

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