Tuesday, October 30, 2012


News cried the anchor man when he heard the news, they caught a fellow newsman with his pants below his knees, we’ll make this last decreed his editor, the producer followed with the same, stuff like this is what you dream of it’ll go on for years and years, and there’s a job in it for others too, lawyers accountants spin doctors PR men all the worst type of company, and it’s real as it’s been happening night and day around the world, all the networks carry stuff that make us want to look, the same way they used to sell cars, if there is sex involved we just can help ourselves you see, and this is the sad truth. How all this stuff affected children was of no ones concern, can’t you hear them all now crying out when it’s too late you see. So what are the options, take the money I suppose, ignore it it’s going on everywhere, turn it into a book we’d get away with that, assassinate the messengers of hope and silence it furthermore, too late for that the news is out and none of ye mind warpers are going anywhere, well not where you planned, and death is not an end in case you think it is, it’s just the end of one journey before you take the next one on. And why do I know all that, cause I sensed there was more to life than me, and that death wasn't all that bad, like a tree we all fall down but we leave seeds behind, it’s our reason for being from what I understand. In case you think this is self invented, I shake my head at that, I could not have come up with the stuff that came out, without some divine company, and loads of folks world wide are fully aware of that too. When life is about me it’s slowly going to unwind and end in self pity, get it, self pity.
Poets, how will I explain the coronation of the king he asked after he was requested by a well known celebrity to put together a few choice lines in honor of the event. Good career move he was told too, his earlier books will become bestsellers and all future works will be able to reference the fact too, making it a win for all situation, as they say in the business world. Win for all in the business world does not mean me and you, it means win for all who invest in the project, but win all is a convincing term don’t you think. Good for the consumer too, yeah, after they pay for it all, have they no shame these slogan generators, anyway, back to the poets dilemma, how do I honor the king…

Friday, October 26, 2012

Valium Mothers

Valium mothers not so bad after all, rather than screaming and shouting and that wonderful stuff, they sit around all day smiling forever doing the washing up, they do it all for real the worry and the obscene, at the mercy of strange men who had valiums mothers themselves you see, a permanent cancer that goes from strength to strength the only way to kill it is to stop it growing up, like all those things we hold dear the pretend stuff and the rest we all forget, we never expect to be on the end of that when the rocket blows up, like valium mothers we ain’t in it for the thrill, it’s when you get the worn down feeling when you’ve had enough, not the valium that’s here to stay, it’s all the truth that they unwind when they know your down and you’re not strong enough.
Child roars it her’s you begin to relax a little more, you can stay in the present like the world don’t exist, and you don’t have to be A MOTHER, but it seldom explodes that great imagination you call hope, you took your first tab ten years ago, a month you said would be enough, but the danger sought you and piled in your fears too magnified to be forgotten cause you emptied your soul to a whole team of fears and now you can’t get enough,  once you slip into that world of now when all that matters most is the me, you start counting the days till the next prescription says need, cause you can’t survive unless those dreams remain alive and you just can’t afford to give up, for valium mothers once they get a taste of forever are impossible to stall or to beat while in the valium heat,
Men so discerning with their visions of the future and a past that don’t hold up,  if it was based on evidence this life and all that remains we’d  have been doomed soon enough, but it’s the mothers you see and valium they need to quieten things down, that are keeping the dream alive.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fix It

Don’t sexualise my children please don’t interfere
Fix it
Don’t turn my children into mental garbage bins
Fix it
Don’t let my children starve to death all over the world
Fix it
Don’t fill the oceans with chemicals and plastic
Fix it 
Your time is running out and my patience is thinning
You better fix it
 I’m tired of the  prayers that don’t come from the heart,
Fix it
I’m worn out listening to global requests for help,
Fix it

If you live in awe and wonder in your little castle
While my children die with no food inside,
I’ll fix it.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

FINAL COUNTDOWN..well it's only a story

time of day time for life women don't you love them page three you write,
children so cute pretty in pink turn them on sexually what do you think,
going on for years and no one stops to mention scared i guess of exploitation,
everyone in the room silence and gloom the prospects don't seem bright,
God shakes his head at the thoughts in their heads do they do what's right,
love distorted going on for years women second class citizen buzzing in their ears,
so what's the outcome to this problem i hear them say close the eye forget i see
love is the key and has always been it's just that women possess the most if you
know what i mean, centuries of abusive practice kings leaders and the usual rat pack, 
she's a toe rag look how she dresses they pile in the booze take her soul for attack,
this can't go on God screams this is useless look what i've seen children in pain,
screaming louder the slaps are harder the child no loner just one of millions you see,
they ask for favour and when i answer them look at the carnage it's never ending  

one fight, one final battle, good versus evil, the devil makes his proposal, he had
agents in every company, God ponders his chances, takes up the offer finally. 
and so the story goes....

Ma, what a dream...

Round one,
 the combatants enter the ring, God and his angels in one corner,The devil and his titan friends in the other, bell goes and so do the blows, children the first casualty, a hit below the waist that hurt God says, but the bell rings in time.
Round two.
Devil with confident swagger paws up rushes straight to the center, God wobbles in, the blows exchange women go down in the ring, one two three on the count of four, God gets up from the floor, swerves and bobs the devil don’t settle at all trying to finish the contest before it’s begun, bell rings.
Round three
Devil has the audience, cheers abound, he gives them everything in this round, imaginary success women for selves gold at every turn, God tires but can’t give up, round seven he thinks and then he’ll pass out, bell rings.
Round four
God takes a drink from the magic milk, his head not so dosy, devil wades in victory is sin he lets go with another blast, politician sells out his friends find out, but the devil convinces them to think other, God wonders what’s going on, that milk was supposed to lift me, he tires and wonders why, bell rings
Round five
Up from the chair, God fights fair judas wipes his sweat with a towel, he passes him the bottle God looks and wonders all the things he’d done for him, round even he hopes as the  bell rings.
Round six
I’ll take him now he wont defeat this he plays fair laughs the devil to his aides, judas wipes the sweat off as his Boss gets up, go gettim lord. Punch punch, children for lunch, god aches at the pain, punch landed children all sexualised god falls in the ring. One two three, the count goes on, the devil smiles to his aides, a little child cries out a young heart no doubt, get up and do it for me, God gets to his feet, the bell rings.
Round seven
I had him quips the devil, his aides a little unsettled, as they look across the ring, the man down has the look in his eye of one with a certain destiny. Devil nods, judas tries again, to pour the rotten potion on his head, God shakes his head the potion misses, falls on judas instead, he drops dead. Alarmed at the sight, the devil takes in his horns usual confidence no longer the form, he gets up slowly and moves in, God is waiting, a smile on his face, your going down he whispers lovingly,. Love, children, marriage works, politicians become honest, the plan begins to work, devil has no answer, he falls under the pressure of pure love over evil. One two three the count goes on and on, the audience scream at him to get up, but it’s pointless you see, count out, dead. Audience roars as the ground quakes, a gap opens up, making a fine big crack, they all get sucked into the sea, of roaring hot lava and screams.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Thunder and fire reigned in the sky the world turned dark all over
Preachers roared sermons only they could hear no one tried to listen
What’s going on the assembled throng screamed as the heavens opened
Really sneered a dog with it’s fangs tooth long a dead rat in it’s mouth
Time up for ye non believers and I don’t just refer to the Justin beibers

A baby screams it’s called new borns disease a song that thrills the heart
When passion excites the child ignites seeking love from all directions
No child not now I’m working all day and I’ve been moving like a cloud
Baby screams louder till everyone can hear but no one answers any wiser
No father to hold on to a mother unable to the child silently cries louder

God sighs and cries as the heavens pour out  scars and all them reminders
It wasn’t always like this they used to assist now it’s really annoying me
Patience virtue I don’t understand can they even rear their children any more
Each night I lie awake listening to the earthquake and the sadness around her
Baby cries quietly afraid to raise it’s voice in case the next slap is harder

A night in town with all my friends around there is nothing that can go wrong
She dresses to impress a little too much under duress her friends scold her
First drink a quick vodka tonic resolve grows strong wolves gather round her
What’s she at her friends upset at the attention seeking bitch now a loner
One twist of hand her drink becomes poison she wakes many hours later

The test was positive her father too religious nothing she does consoles her
It wasn’t supposed to be like this all it was only a drink cant reminder a thing
The options pour out from a family support group her head bursts inside her
You’ll have to get rid of it her mother shouts your too young to understand
At a bus stop she waits her travel bags stand all her dreams shattered before her

The ice cold clinic marble floored the voices of the assistants not much older
This way they bungle her into a small white room a nurse will soon join her
You’ve got the money she asks with a cold heart the operation is cash only
But the results are straightforward and no one comes back once they go under
The nurse smiles as she counts the piles of the hard earned cash assembled before her

So now you know the fate you’ll under go when you offend the one who loves
The abuse played out the bullying perfected the evil perpetrated on youth
Sneer if you like but those clouds riot when they are commanded to wonder
Like the heart you were given at the start you were forgiven hoping you’d do well
but time is a day that tomorrow never hears coming until it’s too late to change her

Friday, October 19, 2012


sitting in the office, looking at the clock, the evening is coming and my
prospects are looking up, it's that friday feeling when you've had it with
the world and then a little sun comes up and suddenly you smile, it's nearly five o'clock, it's nearly five o'clock, what's happened all these years you've been living like a shmuck, filling in time reports working out your pay, it's what they leave on your desk, you've nothing more to say, but the pension keeps on rising the fantasies grow and grow, if you don't get it this week, it's more and more they'll pay, don't you love the friday feeling it's just never ends, like prozac or valium, once addicted you just want them little pills, cause your addicted to the friday feeling, you can suddenly put your worries down, assuming you are not one of those out of work, poor, uneducated, without health insurance, without a home, without a mind, yes, it's nice to like the friday feeling, it's just the other days too........

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Imitation of  love and self by another
it could be the example of a mother
Imitation there’s a name for it
once we have time Imitation we ignore
it when it’s all rough that child grew up
I’ve had enough Imitation the violence we suffer

Can you see yourself in that child that grew up
Depends on the outcome we’re all so vain
Imitation it’s TV influence media and stuff
We cut out the bad pretend it’s another
Do we really care that much

Imitation this guns drugs for everything else
Lawyers to rely upon when in doubt
Blame the next generation I hear them shout
They pass the parcel rather than the blame
Imitation sometimes it just isn’t good enough

Copy the masters they look just the same
Stick in on a wall in a picture frame
Imitation we smile like an old mirror
Our reflection looks back children smother
When all we have to do is let them grow up

Pure Love...

Purely for love and no other reason
I do these things for you without condition
I humbly ask you my dear lord
To open the hearts of all those closed
Purely for love and no other reason

I told her I loved her she asked me why
I tried to explain she started to cry
Her tears were real we both embraced
Purely for love and no other reason

I humbly ask god for some direction
I remember the hearts of all those broken
The families split up children are crying
Purely for love and no other reason

I started to sing my song went like this
Keep us together forever may it last
Stay with me and make me strong
Purely for love and no other reason

The days unfold like sheets of wind
Blowing across this difficult world
Soothe the soul and make us kind
Purely for love and no other reason

My health is weak but my heart is firm
I try my best I believe in my god
Sometimes it works sometimes I cry
Purely for love and no other reason