Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Power Of One

The beautiful sky looked back at me
I smiled back and said
What wonders there are for everyone
Who believes in the power of one

It’s a simple story the cloud said
You get pushed and bumped sometimes
I asked was this a question for me
I was simply asking for more sun

It hid awhile behind a cloud
Doubt crept into my mind
Then all at once if popped out
The sun made me smile

I laughed again the joy of light
The mounting struggles and the strife
But I kept to the plan laid for me
I knew it would be all right

Love is not a possession
There is no bank big enough
It’s what we call the living we do
When we do it right

The beautiful sky laughs with me
We talk most days when we can
Get used to being in love with life
Be surprised by the power of one

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