Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Imitation of  love and self by another
it could be the example of a mother
Imitation there’s a name for it
once we have time Imitation we ignore
it when it’s all rough that child grew up
I’ve had enough Imitation the violence we suffer

Can you see yourself in that child that grew up
Depends on the outcome we’re all so vain
Imitation it’s TV influence media and stuff
We cut out the bad pretend it’s another
Do we really care that much

Imitation this guns drugs for everything else
Lawyers to rely upon when in doubt
Blame the next generation I hear them shout
They pass the parcel rather than the blame
Imitation sometimes it just isn’t good enough

Copy the masters they look just the same
Stick in on a wall in a picture frame
Imitation we smile like an old mirror
Our reflection looks back children smother
When all we have to do is let them grow up

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