Thursday, October 11, 2012


The world is a museum of hearts, many in cold storage right from the start, so many folks
afraid to use them in case they fall apart,
It’s now a case of resuscitation before it’s all too late,just in case your worrying now’s the time to start,cause we need them all behind us as we climb from star to star
lighting up the human condition getting it to work a bit fast

I don’t need to use excuses for what I believe,I’ve seen the sacred clouds and the promises held dear,the god of heaven and earth is pouring out love on us all, help him to understand us better and to remain in that sphere,for times they are a changing and it’s never too late to fear, the coming of our lord on earth and the joy that will endure

i'll say it again and again for i know the time is near,for years and years we've been afraid to let go of all of our fears, fear of what exactly all i know it's sold to all who hold love dear, but these princes of evil, silky smooth and all their schemer pals,their days of titanic evil doing will be short lived soon time when it will be real

Richard george Rupert bill  and so many more and I don’t mean the list of the beatles,
I refer in particular to that group of evil titans and the magical evangelicals,Ye came as warriors sweet promising all that was thought worthy and good,But all ye ever did was serve the cause of all that was dirty i hope you know what you've done, So expect to suffer for all your actions not that ye believe a thing,
That museum of hearts is defrosting fast and that fate will leave you ...breathless

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