Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Thunder and fire reigned in the sky the world turned dark all over
Preachers roared sermons only they could hear no one tried to listen
What’s going on the assembled throng screamed as the heavens opened
Really sneered a dog with it’s fangs tooth long a dead rat in it’s mouth
Time up for ye non believers and I don’t just refer to the Justin beibers

A baby screams it’s called new borns disease a song that thrills the heart
When passion excites the child ignites seeking love from all directions
No child not now I’m working all day and I’ve been moving like a cloud
Baby screams louder till everyone can hear but no one answers any wiser
No father to hold on to a mother unable to the child silently cries louder

God sighs and cries as the heavens pour out  scars and all them reminders
It wasn’t always like this they used to assist now it’s really annoying me
Patience virtue I don’t understand can they even rear their children any more
Each night I lie awake listening to the earthquake and the sadness around her
Baby cries quietly afraid to raise it’s voice in case the next slap is harder

A night in town with all my friends around there is nothing that can go wrong
She dresses to impress a little too much under duress her friends scold her
First drink a quick vodka tonic resolve grows strong wolves gather round her
What’s she at her friends upset at the attention seeking bitch now a loner
One twist of hand her drink becomes poison she wakes many hours later

The test was positive her father too religious nothing she does consoles her
It wasn’t supposed to be like this all it was only a drink cant reminder a thing
The options pour out from a family support group her head bursts inside her
You’ll have to get rid of it her mother shouts your too young to understand
At a bus stop she waits her travel bags stand all her dreams shattered before her

The ice cold clinic marble floored the voices of the assistants not much older
This way they bungle her into a small white room a nurse will soon join her
You’ve got the money she asks with a cold heart the operation is cash only
But the results are straightforward and no one comes back once they go under
The nurse smiles as she counts the piles of the hard earned cash assembled before her

So now you know the fate you’ll under go when you offend the one who loves
The abuse played out the bullying perfected the evil perpetrated on youth
Sneer if you like but those clouds riot when they are commanded to wonder
Like the heart you were given at the start you were forgiven hoping you’d do well
but time is a day that tomorrow never hears coming until it’s too late to change her

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