Friday, October 12, 2012

vacuum up the crystals

stares across an empty room, conversations with strangers,
a coffee in one hand, another day perhaps,you smile from memory
love a stranger,you look in the mirror,no lines of truth,'only horror in disguise, you vacuum up the crystals, you face is one full of smiles

intense with compulsion your, your love affair grew and grew,
the hills became mountains,there was nothing you couldn't
do, as you continue to succumb, to those rows of crystals,
with those friends you lie

suspended in a body wrap, not the fiery tail ending you devised,
needles and things  float above you, like balloons all around you, but your brave in your new disguise, you've just figured out your about to die

no more vacuuming up the crystals, no incisive thoughts or reflections,they carry another version of waste,to the casket that awaits, your clean at last from head to toe, like
beauty we used to know 

the men of power and might, and those that lend a hand, carry your cash to a far off land, smug in the knowledge of your demise, where they mate with others at moneys gate, till they turn the boat around, poisoning the heart and the mind

so you don't believe in heaven, don't worry it's not too easy to get in, hell is a little warmer, but dont worry you'll soon be thin, as you vacuum up the crystals, god doesn't really mind, they need more logs in the furnace, your name just came to hand..

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