Monday, October 1, 2012

Make belief....

The world is make belief and beauty is skin deep
Love is on it’s knees all it does is sound cheap
Children follow example and believe what they see
parents wonder  what's going but it's plain to see
Wondering what to do but do thing at all
Hoping they wont be caught in this world of make belief

I’ve seen it all the cloud so dear revelations of a kind
It’s a world that must disappear this mess that's goin on 
Billionaires millionaires bling and naked women who sing
Celebrity nose jobs stuffed with what puzzles everyone 
Time for intervention before it's too late for the young

Master of all  the one who gifted us this earth
The grief on our hands and  the poisons we eat like dirt
Our fridges full of sustenance so many with nothing at all
people too proud to raise above from  this love of grief
It’s me they cry my life is mine blind from total excess
I’m on facebook you know that world of make belief

Death sounds too nice so easy to go down that road
So many comment on the plight of those tired old souls
Remorse remorse money they plead lets do something
But inside they hatch plans like bands of hungry sheep
They follow the road to the cliffs of doom and weep
Extinction their destination for this world of make belief

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