Friday, October 5, 2012

Tell Me More Man...

Tell me more man,
My life is in the balance,
The oceans are rising
I’m riding the titanic,
Tell me more man
There are things I
Need to know, for sure
He loves me she asks,
Can you feel my bump,
Tell me more man
My days are burning up
Water tastes so sour
I’m waiting to know,
Boy or girl,
Tell me more man
Sitting in the queue
Down like all the rest
I only seek some news
So that I may do my best
Tell me more man,
I sit nervous and full of hope
hoping its for real
the job comes with benefits
tell me more man,
blue with red stripes
I believe all the hype
They’ll do the best
I wait for the test
Tell me more man

More man had it all
The car the executive jet
He bought cheap on ebay
Like all the rest,
Tell me something new,
Tell me more man

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