Friday, October 19, 2012


sitting in the office, looking at the clock, the evening is coming and my
prospects are looking up, it's that friday feeling when you've had it with
the world and then a little sun comes up and suddenly you smile, it's nearly five o'clock, it's nearly five o'clock, what's happened all these years you've been living like a shmuck, filling in time reports working out your pay, it's what they leave on your desk, you've nothing more to say, but the pension keeps on rising the fantasies grow and grow, if you don't get it this week, it's more and more they'll pay, don't you love the friday feeling it's just never ends, like prozac or valium, once addicted you just want them little pills, cause your addicted to the friday feeling, you can suddenly put your worries down, assuming you are not one of those out of work, poor, uneducated, without health insurance, without a home, without a mind, yes, it's nice to like the friday feeling, it's just the other days too........

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