Monday, October 15, 2012

Send Us Roots...

Is anyone capable of lucid thoughts,
I just spent an hour looking at the box
Gibberish traded for what I cant say
Millions glued to watch
While the truth just fades away
opportunity lost to find the solution
the eternal equation leaves us in disarray

The secret is love and simple I say,
what is a child but the union of two ways
very intimate act  of love entwined
hope before materialism gets in the way

Confused we try to design our reflection
help it along come up with perfection
a seed we manufactured  long ago
like the environment it all went astray

all we are thoughts there is no other interpretation
dress them in the light build up expectation
versed in selves we bend to the egotistical
we loose faith as the dream becomes a spectacle

you can’t plan love no more than a storm
an avalanche is a mountain thundering in pain
the heart is a reservoir it holds our emotions
god is the watch man looking in with devotion

so why does it matter what we believe or say
we still have to get on treat it some darn way
all I wish with these few simple words of truth
we’ll all account when judgement comes home to roost...

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