Monday, October 8, 2012

the worm feast

stop pretending, children everywhere, already sexualized,

celebrity more essential than clean water or common sense,

love as rare as nuclear war, a possibility, and Jesus

Christ was real, he came back, and the sky just hangs

there, keep looking up, interested in logic,

power becomes you, I got a face lift, care for what,

money will buy you, be easier to find a nuclear device

than anyone honest, not me, I can hear you shout,

don’t you love the elderly, care homes, don’t have

the time to care, busy, busy getting your hair done, is

there life on mars, feed the hungry, we didn’t invade

Africa, but you know who did, sell violence everyone else

does, xbox playstation facebook, you love your kids,

don’t you, women forty to one on, I like to look forward,

reverse psychology, women got the vote, what a mistake,

those who do the least get paid the most, those who deceive

lead, and you expect miracles, I’d say devastation is a

probability, you think God likes hearing prayers

of dismay, recently these last 800 years, ever had enough,

write to the worlds religious, the passion for love

real love, obsolete and extinct, no sudden blasts needed,

they’ll destroy themselves, this is totally unbelievable,

there’s a tablet for everyone, thousands of years old, no

wonder the world is in freefall, as if it had remained the

same for thousands of years, a prehistoric version, that

world moved on, it’s been written down like a bad asset,

the mechanics of propaganda, keep people in the dark,

reach for fear and get what you want, not unlike a fist

against a woman, drown them or drone them, what a blast,

where did that come from, when is a drug illegal, when the

dealer isn’t one of us, is your mind like stew, all over

the place, enjoy the worm feast.

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