Tuesday, October 2, 2012


It is war, war on a global scale no time for pretty words
or fairy tales, it’s war, war the final assault but we are
getting there, no place to hide no words to hide behind,
words abound, one two three your more that a number you see
you and me,
It started small like a sniff over there a problem they
all ignored, the first bribe became an avalanche now it’s
growing everywhere, celebrity anxiety the latest new disease
to indulge in, pollute everyone, all the young while they
empty pockets full
It’s been coming for years, like all your fears, kept below the
radar, this train of destruction full of perverse lust, cheap politicians, women,  and global distribution, control over you and me at the heart of this destitution, blood over there not here it just don’t look nice on the carpet,

your at Cannes in the can anywhere whatever but here, realistic shits are easy to appease, just not over here yet, it's war and it ain't a song you want to hear for long, neither is war, why do bears hibernate, science has answers, science not wise on issues of the perverse, i wonder why..

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