Tuesday, October 2, 2012

world war three - part 1

it's war, on knowledge, wisdom, love, it's war on all that is good, Stalin Hitler the churches those who suppress the mind in support of what, it's war, control for the arms limbs and hearts of everyone on the planet, don't forget it, cause it's war...

can't open your mind, it's war, can't be honest with your kids, it's war, can't mention the name of your..it's war, war and it's destroying every single living soul on earth, turning wisdom into threat, stupidity into security, are all the sheep inside

it's war and there is no escaping that, children are being molded,  men are encouraging it, internet is promoting it,politicians are afraid of it, too many bribes after so many years, but it's over, this waste of the human race..cause it's war, and it's not going anywhere till...

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