Thursday, October 4, 2012

It's Really up to you

Problem with people is that they all think the same, problem with children is that they are all not the same, farmed chicken or farmed children they both sound the same, trouble is that society does not cater for the smart kid they allow them to smother inside, I ask myself and I ask myself that reason for this intentional decay, and the answers to that question don’t make me want to smile, children are being sexualised they are sexualised I’ll say it again, both night and day, so like that turkey you’ll eat this Christmas day it tastes the same wherever you are, bland rubbery pliable tasteless in your mouth no flavor at all, the same fate awaits the children of this world they don’t want them to think at all, so regardless of your personal situation a surprise waits for you all, the promise made on the cross of Calvary or the pleadings in all those prayers, the time is coming fast for you and it’s time you protected the young. Or I’m just getting old and cranky, where’s the arctic by the way, we’ll move honey the water is getting higher, the mortgage honey don’t forget we have one, one way or another they’ll tie you to a tree stump or a load of concrete, it’s really up to you...
The situation is getting worse and worse and soon we’ll have none at all, no fresh air no clean water no clean underwear, cause we’ll shit ourselves when we realise to ourselves that the judge has rounded up the votes, and soon you’ll be going under or climbing up that rope, I was only joking... didn’t science invent everything, ah come on, two dots on a page connect, ten months later a child ejects, bingo we invented a child..hahahahah

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