Friday, October 26, 2012

Valium Mothers

Valium mothers not so bad after all, rather than screaming and shouting and that wonderful stuff, they sit around all day smiling forever doing the washing up, they do it all for real the worry and the obscene, at the mercy of strange men who had valiums mothers themselves you see, a permanent cancer that goes from strength to strength the only way to kill it is to stop it growing up, like all those things we hold dear the pretend stuff and the rest we all forget, we never expect to be on the end of that when the rocket blows up, like valium mothers we ain’t in it for the thrill, it’s when you get the worn down feeling when you’ve had enough, not the valium that’s here to stay, it’s all the truth that they unwind when they know your down and you’re not strong enough.
Child roars it her’s you begin to relax a little more, you can stay in the present like the world don’t exist, and you don’t have to be A MOTHER, but it seldom explodes that great imagination you call hope, you took your first tab ten years ago, a month you said would be enough, but the danger sought you and piled in your fears too magnified to be forgotten cause you emptied your soul to a whole team of fears and now you can’t get enough,  once you slip into that world of now when all that matters most is the me, you start counting the days till the next prescription says need, cause you can’t survive unless those dreams remain alive and you just can’t afford to give up, for valium mothers once they get a taste of forever are impossible to stall or to beat while in the valium heat,
Men so discerning with their visions of the future and a past that don’t hold up,  if it was based on evidence this life and all that remains we’d  have been doomed soon enough, but it’s the mothers you see and valium they need to quieten things down, that are keeping the dream alive.

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