Tuesday, October 30, 2012


News cried the anchor man when he heard the news, they caught a fellow newsman with his pants below his knees, we’ll make this last decreed his editor, the producer followed with the same, stuff like this is what you dream of it’ll go on for years and years, and there’s a job in it for others too, lawyers accountants spin doctors PR men all the worst type of company, and it’s real as it’s been happening night and day around the world, all the networks carry stuff that make us want to look, the same way they used to sell cars, if there is sex involved we just can help ourselves you see, and this is the sad truth. How all this stuff affected children was of no ones concern, can’t you hear them all now crying out when it’s too late you see. So what are the options, take the money I suppose, ignore it it’s going on everywhere, turn it into a book we’d get away with that, assassinate the messengers of hope and silence it furthermore, too late for that the news is out and none of ye mind warpers are going anywhere, well not where you planned, and death is not an end in case you think it is, it’s just the end of one journey before you take the next one on. And why do I know all that, cause I sensed there was more to life than me, and that death wasn't all that bad, like a tree we all fall down but we leave seeds behind, it’s our reason for being from what I understand. In case you think this is self invented, I shake my head at that, I could not have come up with the stuff that came out, without some divine company, and loads of folks world wide are fully aware of that too. When life is about me it’s slowly going to unwind and end in self pity, get it, self pity.
Poets, how will I explain the coronation of the king he asked after he was requested by a well known celebrity to put together a few choice lines in honor of the event. Good career move he was told too, his earlier books will become bestsellers and all future works will be able to reference the fact too, making it a win for all situation, as they say in the business world. Win for all in the business world does not mean me and you, it means win for all who invest in the project, but win all is a convincing term don’t you think. Good for the consumer too, yeah, after they pay for it all, have they no shame these slogan generators, anyway, back to the poets dilemma, how do I honor the king…

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