Friday, September 28, 2012

break me...

I am tired cried the lord looking down from above
What have they been doing these folks supposed to love
Everywhere I look the news gets worse and worse
First is was the children their little bodies for sale
Now they commit genocide and no one seems to care

The devil answered slyly with a glint in his eye
I told you I would have them all so say goodbye
The lord looked at his watch time was running short
He’d a whole lot of prayers to read a serious load of doubt
I wont be getting sleep he says I’ll be working day and night

Days passed quickly on the souls of mankind on offer
I should have done a deal he said even with the devil
With pain in his heart he tried as best he could
The devil laughed at him now he was on the run

One soul he said one hopeful soul one just one he pleaded
The devil looked at the forecasts the odds ten to none
I’ll find that one kind soul that’ll reverse this human decay
I’ll take the bet the devil said I’ll take your place no delay

On the ground  the lord sought hard many tested few passed
Sent to work to do good chores they all came back except one
It’s only a matter of time said the devil before their all mine
He knew the fate of the human heart when looking down a dime

One by one the angels stopped at the counter set to tempt
The offers were so good on offer it would pay all their rent
Go on said the angels this offer has been going on for years
If we refuse it all now we’ll be missing out for years

But one good soul shouted out stop you fools are off the wall
Did you not hear about the tale of the good who heals all souls
The devil heard the words of love he began to mutter and stutter
Your not so confident now said the lord if one is prepared to suffer

They both watched closely as good soul prayed for love for all
Your supposed to take the bait you fool shouted the devil out loud
God smiled a glint in his eye he’d cheated just a little
Filled the good with hope and love and they just might deliver

Devil his reputation shattered his tricks not working so good
Your going down you evil bud I hope it’s  understood
where there is hope love grows just a spark can start a flood
and with one blink a  hole broke apart into the devil sank
stay down for good and never forget that love heals the heart

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