Tuesday, September 4, 2012

i'm a child

i'm a child i need your support i spent 9 nonths preparing for the event of my birth,
i'm a child i listened to music while i developed along to my mothers heart beat and that sweet sound, don't you think it worthwhile that i develop a little bit, before you sexualise me like all the rest, just don't treat me like a fool and pretend to know less,
cause i'm a child...
i went to hospital when i was still in the womb the attention i got made me swoon, i heard my mother discusssing the cost of my life, she mentioned rearing i wasn't sure myself what that meant, but i liked the way the doctor tickled my tummy when he rubbed my mummys bump, i'm just a child
i'm a child and i don't deserve the violence you are planning on serving me, destroying my hopes turning love against me,  when i ask why so many of you do so little to help me i curl up in a ball in my mummys tummy and want to kick out, i'm only a child
i'm a child and God is my new best friend he sowed a seed in me that will last in me, if you allow me to be a child, just hoping....

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