Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Mayans loved cocaine..

poems are stories lyrical in form like a collection of words they are supposed to awaken maybe start that storm, songs are stories melodic in form a rhythmic collection of vocal sounds that stick together usually they rhyme, so what about the laws of Moses and what do you think of them, i suppose your all too busy plotting and shopping to ever understand them, made up like one of those songs cause we don't seem to pay them any attention,  and God i suppose you think he invented TV well he sure didn't do that but it's amazing what people believe i can vouch for that, like the life we live, will there be an end to that, the Mayan people think so, Rome is gone, the world economy is in rapid decline, nations at war again, turmoil everywhere, i think i read about it somewhere, but you get used to anything these days, and like all coke heads heart is thumping, my breathing is gone crazy, call the ambulance please, too late for that, cause they have to hide the evidence before the cops arrive, and guess who is the last to know when the ship is sinking, you.

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