Monday, September 24, 2012

Planning Permission

Did you ever see a holiday rep who wasn’t good looking. The obese leading the famine effort, makes you think. We’ll discuss Darfur on the veranda darling. Talks abound, the argument is in the ground, fields of blood all round, action. If the camera moved closer, we all could leer, get a clearer perspective on how much work there is in medicine, perhaps we’d shed a tear.
We all like TV. Talking peace in the middle east at last, preferred the images of the F sixteens, we so welcomed last Sunday week, bomb, you could get arrested for using that word, I bet you didn’t know that. Casualties mount up again, pictures show despair, why did they do it you ask again, your heart in sad despair. planes why did they bomb the kitchen sink, why hide the women in there, bomb shelter, where else do you think they’re heading,  bomb, anywhere,  well have you ever heard of botox, . If you want to go to heaven you must go on a bus, heavenly tours. I’ll have a hamas sandwich. but why be selfish khalid and think only of yourself, make a fuss of it, take everyone on the bus, to heaven, my medical card doesn’t cover shrapnel injuries sustained from above,  has to be a ground attack, and no cloud cover, the insurance companies are always seeking cover. Irish property investors form syndicate to rebuild Damascus. TV is local. Listen… Stiff competition from New York, experience in building bomb resistance buildings needed. Planning, the key to future success, they planned it well, the world is in a heap. Defenders of the planet, in outer space they do belong, trekking after new landscapes, there’s gold in them far hills, lumps, stars, planets, sites are cheap once you get there, and there will be no trouble in getting planning permission.

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