Friday, September 14, 2012

Holidays in Beirut.....

He’d seen it on TV, action man, action. Quite, quite not what you’d expect on a holiday. Fearsome scenery, lighting displays, the risk of getting shot, not shot at, bars full of jack Daniels in Beirut, patriot missiles playing a game of chess overhead, your move, they blew up the Irish embassy, you think.. It’s not what you expect, not with your cornflakes or your milk, or while playing with your make up, trying to disguise your aging heap, great money in demolition in the Middle East. Property for sale and plastic surgery is cheap, they have experience you’d think,  Can’t blame the pope for this one, that one that just missed, still looking at the TV, and all the direct hits.  God, that one just missed the church. We’ll have to call in the painters you think.  Terrorists, they blame god for everything. The perfect suspect to all our crimes, the man with the global links.

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