Tuesday, September 25, 2012


He gave them a world he thought they would favour
It had all kinds of things including sweet flavour
They misbehaved so he sent he son down
They treated him poorly it wasn’t going to long
What have they done why the misbehaviour

No one could explain what they saw in the sky
They trembled with fear thought they would die
The cover up began at the first light of day
It’s just your imagination was all they could say

Years rolled on the visits became more lasting
The mis information was soon a practised art
No one said a word as it began to fall apart
No one spoke up in fear of being condemned
What kind of folks allow this to go on

Darkness fell that evening in December
Sent to the world one to act as their saviour
In fear of life he was hidden and taken flight
And so the story of love truly had begun

Years upon years he preached among all men
The women folk were kinder didn’t need instruction
Finally he came across a posse of working men
Looked into their hearts and found something

Two thousand years later the show is keeping on
They rage against each other like poor working men
The women meanwhile groan continue to love as best
Now their own children are feeling their distress

Time is u the bells are ringing all over the world
The tyranny of ignorance the power that is hell
Quickly the clutch at straws and hold them to the wind
It’s too late now for changing anything

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