Friday, September 21, 2012

read all about it.....

I wish I could take the chance to believe in you one more time
To believe in the love that  lost I don’t know why
You read all about it on tv and in those magazines
It’s even on reality channel that god is coming around

Read it the newspapers say u  gonna have a wonderful day
Read all about it you chasers of pleasure and pure decay
The life you’ve been leading ain’t longer than midnight
When sky  and water goes black as the whole world ignites

It’s a dream you have and it’s tearing us all apart
Read all about it you messengers of destiny and hate
The children you encourage those half hearted debates
Read all about it cause you ain’t coming back

Glory in the roar and the hi hop hoorays
All you hear is yourself and all that they say
About you you and the things you come to do
Read all about it cause he’s coming soon for you

Jesus waited on that cloud waiting for the pain to pause
Do I have to do it again father can’t we have a delay
Can’t you send an angel instead a diplomat or two
Read all about it cause he’s coming soon for you

Night darker than usual the crowds begin to pray
Not for  little children but on the hope of a delay
The demons despair they  race to get out of the way
Too late too late they think they’ll get away

Love children earth harmony and distinction
Nobody was worried about all those contradictions
A little of this no food for the human population
Read all about it cause this ain’t no jane’s addiction

Cries shrieks and looks of dismay tears and dismay
I would have tried my lord if I’d known the day
I ignored all those warnings written about  so long
Read all about it you ain’t going nowhere soon my son

Seated by the fire no way to cool back down
Should have given the money to all the hopeful causes
Instead I dream of mansion houses cars that go fast
Read all about the end of the human race

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