Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The patience of eternity..

so you thought there was no consequence to the actions you display, those rubbery images of all those young girls in those various states of play, a button for this two cents for that an explosion and your soon over that, honey is the tea ready he asks, while he washes his hands she's now out of sight..
find anything good on the web she enquires her hands busy the oven on fire, she's a sucker for holidays were all into that so he lets on she'll fall for that, sarah come in and sits on his knee, she's only his daughter perhaps about three, give daddy a hug she she clutches his neck hangs on his every word, we're all used to that...
she's getting older but she's still very young, if you give me her attention for an afternoon i'll take her places that will make her swoon, he drops a wad of notes into his sticky hand passes her over to the much older man, no touching he promises as he takes her away he goes back to the bar forgets who he was...
it's over roars the lord they're at it again it used to be the women now the child is their thing, they are on the path to the fire i'll send along don't think i'll forget or forgive what's going on, mercy i'll show to those with mercy in them children mostly few of them men,
heaven is not a hotel you don't book yourself in, you get chance after chance to set the clock again, until the patience of eternity catches up with everyone.almost...well aah

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