Thursday, September 6, 2012

clever old poet......

clever old poet many awards words plenty references from celebrities ploticians canvass his support, how will i express myself myself today he sighs while looking for another quote

will you shut up he howls the family next door sound like their going to die, he's heard it all before alcohol damn alcohol he scowls kneeling on the floor looking for some old scores

ah for god sakes how can a man get any work done the furnishings next door seem to dancing across the floor, children sounds like a bottle he thinks still rumbling through old writings seeking that quote

peace at last no sound of breaking anything no screams or tears or breaking glass as he finds that illusive passage and that ill fated quote, it sounds a bit funny but it's also dark he reads it aloud

"the current world is over but the show will never end but when it comes that day of reckoning have a large one in your hand"

smash aaah they are at it again next door now the child is screaming will it ever end, shut up shut up your doing me in he sighs, building shakes it can't be a quake pictures fall off the walls, roof collapses stones crash but he's still holding the illusive passage in his hand..

many days later the search party arrives, he was famous you know he'll be famous more now that he's died, you should see what he was reading when it came tumbling down, i wonder if he was any good but i hear he was a clever old poet...

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