Thursday, September 20, 2012

enlighten me...

Enlighten me and show me the way I’m lost and have no where to go, The evening is getting late the hour is coming worry is my load, My children weep for TV they weep about it night and day,
No truth no justice no surplus to feed the poor vanity is in the lead, I’m running a tough race the stakes grow higher by the hour and day, Enlighten me lord and show me the way before I go astray

They tease me with fear it seems every which way the can,
It’s like being back in those dark times when selfishness was the way, A breast implant or other such rant I’m suddenly bell of the ball, It wont last forever they say before too long they’ll fall,
But they promise me replacements provided it’s insurance I pay,
Enlighten me oh lord and show me the way before I go astray

The hour is past midnight and the trumpet has sounded clear,
The sky grows bright there are shrieks all night and people all over pray, Day light offers no hope the sun refuses to show hearts mingle and say, I wish I’d listened and done the right things when the chance came my way,Too late say the chaste who thump themselves red with exhaustion all day, Not so says the lord whose coming soon never too late to pray,Enlighten me oh lord and show me the way

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