Thursday, March 21, 2013

I didn't know


As every day passes the stakes get higher, the noose tightens as the days get drier, Moses had his problems too and his divine words had to go through horror after horror and even as he tried to escape the demons soon came after. Ghandi, The great writers, martin luther king, the list is centuries long, it was not if one was sent along it’s just that material living overcame spiritual necessity, who do you blame, me Asks God, free will he replies, hoping we’d all learn to get along.
Children dress in the latest style to impress, tokens as you’d say, to help them feel okay, inside the need is hidden, then they find trouble as they say, alcohol drugs sex or TV, it’s the amount they take to overcome the feelings they have to forsake, just to feel okay. And it’s been like this for years, quickened by the revelation of the digital age, now they worship brands and you all think it’s okay. Those satellites that lie overhead, could fall like stones into the deepest crevice, the stars could stop shining, the women they could stop bleeding, wars could turn to the nuclear option, the oil could run out, the banks could shut up, the food might run out, the list is long, but you’d still fight and fight, this stubborn resistance to the divine gift, and what your life is really all about. So I asked for suggestions and what we could to do to avoid total destruction and the four suggestions that came to mind, were close to impossible that I dare not print or advise them, well, I’m waiting for one great event, and the total wipe out of a portion of the human race, don’t know where or when, but it’s more closer now than then, perhaps then, we’ll be in a position to act rightly, just like before, after the damage is done, after the damage is done. Just wished you’d listened sooner I guess, but what’s done cannot be undone, in hindsight we are all that wiser, with wisdom, it should never have to be so peculiar, but when you crucified the Savior all those years ago, and the pitiful excuses and the downright false teachers that denied the truth then, like it was planned and we had no choice, easy way out to explain the ugly truth, because prophesy is not a statement of fact, it’s a warning of events to come if we continue to act like we do, for ourselves and not for everyone…You can’t say that, we’ll ….martin luther king was assasinated, John F Kennedy was assasinated, Che Guevara was executed, Joan of Arc was burnt at the stake, Gandhi was…They may fool the oppressed and the slaves everywhere, but no one fools God most high, never then before now or in the future, it’s really that simple. Acts of violence are planned, wars triggered to release emotional bonds, horrors allowed to proceed  all tools of the evil one indeed, and they think this is going to slow the descent, it’s only squeezing the life out of the universe, and it’s something we need to reverse, as soon and as quick as we can, because we are being judged this moment, we have been for many years, it started about seven years ago, I reckon we've a small window, for how long I do not know, but when the lord decides to leave and say goodbye, the horrors that will replace him, is beyond human reasoning, and with this I say goodnight, so stand up wake up and listen, it’s never too late to make amends, but it’s too late when time goes by and you still think you can move hearts by changing positions in the chamber, without changing anything at all…to be continued….

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