Friday, January 18, 2013


Control, it does not require emotional input, but it can satisfy our conscience, keeps the truth hidden while we get on with living, achieves nothing makes us dumb and dumber you wonder if people listen, control it’s like all those regulations they impose without our opinion, rushed upon us in our busy lives like thunder, control it’s a byword for so many religions it’s not that I’m cold hearted I’m just a Christian who loves women, control it’s the cure to all our obsessions dampens the heart quells our ambition, and why is control such an important tool in the world we all live in, it’s the reason they have power over love and over women, and who provides the vast majority of love on the planet, the children you might say but it’s the mothers if you listen, and this control of women using bibles and writings of over thousand year prohibitions, it’s an implement of fear and all women ought to listen, cause it’s the cause of so many wars this so called love of religion, and when was love ever controlling, when you wanted to have it all for yourself so you evoked old texts to carry out this ambition, well done you mullahs for the hatred you conditioned, you may have got away with it but it’s over and it’s unconditional, no mercy you show only respect for rules and regulations, and you did it in the name of what this so called respect for religion, amen, and they thought they were going to get away with it, I’m certain this wont happen cause the hope of god is love of all and in particular women…oh Khalid what will we do, you’d better hurry up old dear cause you've engaged the ire of god, and of that I’m certain not kidding. 

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