Friday, January 25, 2013

Time is of the essence...

Had to keep looking, she was bound to take her top off, the babe in the tub. Guys around, slouching over to her , trying to make sense, connect as they say, another of the vibe words he’d heard. Was going to use it in a sermon, sometime. Big brother, big let down, emperors clothes theory repeats itself like fashion. For a moment he wondered if all, he stopped wondering as she stepped out of the tub. Camera close up, her bottom almost see through. They market this to kids he thought making a note of it, was all over the news, loads of money, loads of silence, no one screams stop when the slots keep paying, the sluts keep playing, the lusty keep spraying. World fucked, no wonder. He wondered again in mind, was he watching the last days of Pompeii. Big brother, portal for the bored, and those who couldn’t afford. Time to move on, he was reluctant though, she might undress. The remote hit the floor, his eyes temporarily off the screen. Bending to pick it up, channel moved too, news again.

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