Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Martin Luther King Matters

Feel good stories nice memories sleep easy and dream, close your eyes pretend, no obscene people no dead ends, read the sweetest works, prepare for a life that will never end, continue this way till the very end, party to party seek pleasure when you can, were all doing this it’s just the way we are, together we are stronger I hear them say, while the churches are empty what else do you expect them to say, the Ferrari looks nice even if we can’t drive it right, no place to test those aluminum brakes, my breasts are too small I’ll have a job done, it’s my constitutional right i’ll carry a gun, the house is a squeeze I’ll buy up while credit is free, my nose is out of joint while my cocaine bill mounts, children mingle with strangers in the online world, too bad they’re not old enough just think of the fun,  bank credit card debt no worries another one I’ll get, the excuses mount while my savings run out, stripping is now an easy option, one babe looks the same the men sound the same, preacher warns of hell and the abyss for the forlorn, it doesn’t apply to me I’ve an education to work on, porno is so mainstream it’s regularly on TV, my dad watches nightly then comes to visit me, and Jesus, whose he, he doesn’t like to see us when we like to party, oh grow up, take your shorts down and join us in the Jacuzzi, our stocks are on the rise we can afford another loan, I don’t feel so good well take another tablet and see, they are free with our medical plan like liposuction, why don’t we get a Mexican maid like they have on TV, emigrant status is really a must, before you join us you’ll have to fight for us, the world is well and truly mucked, putting in mildly, not bad for a nation that wiped out the culture of the native American people, while replacing them with slave labour first, then European slavery, followed by asian slavery after that, and guess whose next, that’s right, you, I’d do something about that if I were you, and they did all in the name of a dream, just like martin luther king, it’s amazing what you can sell to the blind and deaf, everything, amen. 

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