Thursday, January 10, 2013

johnny cash's Lament

Why the silence, why the ignorance, why the blindness, why the deafness, why my innocence, wasn’t it good enough that I was born, why the questions, why oh why you ask, why those crocodile tears, does anyone have a real conscience, are you living in a world full of distorted love and in fear. Why the bloodshed, its going on in Syria, why do you allow the use of those off shore locations by all those racketeers, why you ask, because without off shore support few of these tyrants could support, the horrors financed by those same bunch of off shore racketeers, and who I ask, supposing your all ears keeps these off shore locations in place and in tact, not the poor or the marginalized, not the weak or the oppressed, not the churches or the teachers, but our governments and their peers. It’s been going on since time began, it was just like this when Rome had the plan, to dominate and control all that was to be found, a plan that later empire builders tried to take on and expand, and now that we have reached the summit of mankind, when we have to look to space to grow and expand, why do we allow  the child refugee’s of syria to freeze to death and grow bitter with age, when all we had to do was curb our own ego’s,  so much for the tears spilled for the twenty sandy hook children so tragically killed, why do we manufacture so many guns. And the moral of the story is this, with trillions stashed in off shore havens, avoiding tax needed to repair and build societies everywhere, is it not time to ask yourself the hard questions and make some kind of stand, or do you want to read of another mass killing or needless deaths of children, while we in the west, practically eat ourselves out of existence, or are you one of those types, who doesn’t really give a damn, cause it hasn’t happened to you yet. Every time an act of violence occurs, hatred ensues, wickedness increases, evil thrives, and whether or not a drone accidentally drops on an Afghani village or somewhere else, in the name of security for one nation, the penny only drops when it happens at home. It’s why gun control is not just an issue for the U.S.A., but everywhere, ask your Mexican neighbours, they’ve been suffering from lack of gun control for years, but no one took a moments notice until you began to shed those tears. So what about the sandy hook children, so what about those Syrian child refugees, so what about those starving millions, these tragedies have been going on for years, so what are you going to do about it, have you suddenly developed a conscience, well get a move on and hurry up before we shed more tears. When love is all about me, it’s over, game end, and out. For years we’ve the powerful and the wealthy elite to do the thinking for us, it’s time we changed our thinking, don’t you?. When the elite and wealthy do our thinking, I don’t think they are thinking about you, but they purposefully fund associations and bribe officials who make you believe that they do. I guess I died one day, met up with God, and shared a jack daniels with her, but every so often we go down to the wine cellar and we hear the screams from down below, the wailing of tears, hope I don’t hear you shout then, cause there will be nothing that will be done for you. In memory of Johnny Cash and all the good souls of the world, both living and past who tried their best to make this world a better place, amen. I’ve seen the golden city, you’d like it if you made it there, just takes a little effort to get in.

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