Wednesday, November 20, 2013

still only fifteen

under pressure still ain't fifteen, the mobile phone they gave me is tearing me inside, tweet tweet Facebook email confusion imagery, can’t handle it at all my friends the same,  we are in despair, where did it go wrong, why didn't a single human stand up, the abyss the world is looking into, couldn't get much worse than this..and still only fifteen
Celebrities everywhere profit the most use the technology, to make us all pay it all whatever the cost, yet the world is in crisis and they are helping us to fail, could a child handle pressure like this in the womb, days are different now and people everywhere beginning to see, I suppose I’ll be another statistic like so many of my age, unless something is done very quickly
Technology giants offer me porn and a the gambling addiction, get used to it they warns us but all the counseling will be free, never lasts long those free offers do they, not our fault we didn't put the gun in his hand, planted thoughts that were alien to me inside my head, was hard to access then now that stuff is everywhere, still only fifteen
God are you listening have the you addicted as well, they tweet you we hear what will you say, believe you said and we did my mother my father my brothers,..still wait for your intrusion on the race of the so called human being, if ever there was a time to enter the fray the time is now, please let someone care and assist me..still only fifteen
They gather around the counseling industry opportunities, big money to be made sorting all these young people out, politicians cry tears and promise us a new year even a new gym, my mother sighs her tears silent her hurt kept deep within, my father swears out loud asks God how did it happen again, two days later I’m cold like my life never mattered at all, amen, I’m under pressure and very young, you’re the adults here, do something, ..still only fifteen

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