Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Mothers Do It Better

we live in a universe, we live in a city, we live in the countryside, we live in a time, when changes are a plenty, and Mothers are the secret to our survival, it's not what they do, it's what others won't, they get down on their knees, they constantly clean, forever concerned with welfare ahead, never caught on that small little screen, no need for fantasy they think of the children's needs, not like spoiled men who need their fix, they put up with abandonment all over the earth, and we wonder why women speak up, or often and sometimes over the top, tut tut tut the voices of reputation and all their huff and puff, it's easy to comment when your not on the track, mothers do it best all that is needed, time the men around had the guts to concede it, they f*** up and it's been going on long enough, if we allow women join the golf club they'll be bringing their children next, the rattle tattle of the so called powerful kind, i think all descent people have had enough...mothers do it better, shut up!

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