Monday, May 13, 2013

loving honestly

Love distorted an obsession we can’t put right until we consider all of the options. takes time to put down roots time to farm the garden. Seeds of life altered with abandon, no baby born in such circumstance reaches peak, fully receive the love that was meant to happen, priorities changed so much molestation of truth, hearts are playing games fearless and with intention, the trade off in human terms no more than a loathing, agreements made vows taken trust misplaced, the first signs of malice and foreboding,  only the physically poor have chance of making love,  it’s the purest form of life taking shape, it’s against all odds that such love shines, most give up the journey as roots wither and fade,  little chance for  the divine creation of come full cycle. With each passing decade the solution became remote and impossible, evil titans fully aware designed the game for this to happen, hopelessness cynicism individualism self expression mixed with luke warm love, lets call it what it became, passion and impulse mixed with strong emotion, it was never true love except in the hardest of situations, all hope of pure love so distant that even the stars didn’t listen, everyone playing out a role rather than stuck in the mayhem, afraid to get hurt always seeking afraid of losing holding too tight, therefore giving up on the true meaning of creation, and the waiting became a play Becket wrote about, the essence of Godot a warning to all with ears and unselfish expectation. Divorce second wife abortion career more important, the self our sole and only passion, till the children came along and brought new life, the only hope for our salvation, and they were targeted too by these same people of evil persuasion, who allowed paranoia propaganda and fear to rule our minds pattern, forever providing reason temptation circumstance, designed to create doubt and love’s abandon, hoping that the recklessness of the human race would be seen by God most high, as a good reason for his  delay or wholesale desertion, leaving us to these heart eating souls without a care for the world, so they planned. If there is no love he’ll not bother at all they assumed, then along came a spider, who managed to creep up on the party, reignited true love with wholesale determination after being given the gift of life again, a last chance improvisation the prayers of some good souls, who’d earned a resting place in the heavens of creation, and it worked…amen to all the babbling fools who abound in so many places of influence, they no longer control the minds or the love and are now themselves facing a rather difficult conclusion and a judgment for the malice in their intentions, all organized planned and carried out for decades…david versus goliath..well we know who won out….end of story…my whiskey is dead, have you ever tasted wild turkey, never too late to make up so they say..
Loving honestly, you just can’t fake it

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